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Replies to my post thank you

I know that's what I'm thinking does it help or is it the blind leading the blind? I get really affected by sad stories. It's why I'm in this condition. And I know what other people I know go thru. And the state of the world is dismal as well. I really live one day at a time. Except for my meds appt, my therapy, and grocery shopping and the occasional dentist appt. I never go anywhere. Driving scares me, everyone on their phones going 85. I'll probably try the new therapist, I csn always change if I want to. Thank goodness we have good insurance. Thanks I'll come back sometime if I think I'm strong enough to help anyone else but I'm not right now.

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Best wishes to u. I know how it feels to fear everything. Sometimes I just freeze up in bed and shake. Leaving the house can b worse. And that feeling of being all alone. Just hope it gets better 4 all of us

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