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Relationship Addiction

I finally have come to terms with the fact that I am a relationship addict. When I am in a relationship I am more self motivated and feel more confident. I finally realize this because I just ended a 4 month relationship with a man that had abusive tendencies. In fact he put his hands on me. I'm done needing validation from a man or in order to feel OK... am thinking about going to a support group. Can any one relate to this type of addiction. I have also heard it to be called love addiction.

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I think that's possibly a problem one can have with being alone ?


I totally understand, I feel this way myself. Whether it's a fear of being alone or a need to be loved, it has made me stay in harmful relationships. Part of me thinks it's because I am so unhappy with myself that I need near constant validation from someone else. I've been aware of this for a few years (since leaving an abusive relationship) and I promised myself to do more things for myself.

Do things you enjoy or are good at to boost your self confidence. Make yourself look especially nice one day just for youself to enjoy, not for anyone else. Make a list of things you like about yourself. I understand how easy it is to rely on someone else for self confidence but true confidence comes from yourself. I hope you find this in yourself! If you are ever feeling troubled feel free to message me and make sure to keep us updated on how you're doing


There are some 12 step programs that might help you. Look into CODA - codependants annonhmous. Another might be love addiction annonymous. You mentioned abuse so check out ACA- adult children of alcoholics. ( FYI Alcohol history is not a prerequisite ). Many programs have face to face meetings as well as telephone meeting for convenience and more anonymity. The websites have good info so read their online literature. Plenty of books too like "Co dependent no more" by melody beatie. Good luck. ✌️


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