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Fear my bosses

Hello everyone

Am Samuel, after my diploma started working with private contractor but I started fearing him. Whenever could stand before him l could tremble and panic, right now am doing my internship but the same thing wants to start with my supervisor. Have had running thoughts at home and I even fear to go to office for the training. Am still in bed seeing myself rejected by everyone, I see myself a problem to people. I saw a psychiatrist three years ago and have been talking flouxetine capsules. The doctor could say I don't need meds but to me things are just worsening. Any help please

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Hello Samuel! I am sorry that you have experienced anxienty and panic attac but at the same time I feel good knowing there are people who have the same problems as I have. I think its better if you don't take meds but try to think about what are your thoughts when you are with people that cause you fear?Have your boss said or did sth to you? Is it a fact that he thinks that you are not good enough or your opinion? I feel the same when I am with people older than me, I feel that I am not good enough but next I try to remind myself that this is my opinion and I cant read others thoughts. Try using CBT method yourself and mindfulness and also talk to your friends and family about your feelings. One day we will be able to control our anxienty and panic attacs take heart.


Thanks ades, my bosses have done nothing wrong to me but I just start fearing them. Its true I also fear people older than me most especially those in leadership positions. Am sorry that I sometimes lose hope but thanks for replying to me

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It's good to think about and process our thoughts, but it's also important for people to take their medicine. For some of us, it is life or death. It really scares me that someone would say it's better not to use medicine, but maybe I am misinterpreting what you meant.

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