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Hello everyone! My psychotherapist told me that I have anxienty and sometimes panic attacs. I feel better now knowing that I am not going insane lol. I talked with her about my "wierd" thoughs and she said to me that my thoughts aren't wierd and everybody has them but I overthink too much. My anxienty usually starts when I compare my achivements with other's and I start thinking that the others are better than me, I am shy , I am not brave etc. and then I can't control my thoughts. What about you what are your thoughts before having a panic attack or anxienty ?

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For me, it seems like it's a feeling more than actual thoughts. But then sometimes it is thoughts. They feed off each other it seems. Like, one day I was in the doctor's office waiting room when I was anxious for no reason that I could verbalize. And then it got worse because there was a video playing that talked about how terrible peoples' health is in America and how the food industry is making it worse, etc. This is not something I tend to worry about. But it got me really worked up and I could barely stay in my seat. I got really fidgety and had all this extra energy I didn't know what to do with. My thoughts were racing and it seemed like the end of the world. Most days, though, I would wake up feeling nauseous and I just recently realized it's anxiety.

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