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I never like expressing myself, we'll for one is because I didn't know how. I need to and I am. I take life serious and it has taken a toll over me. I plead that I suffer from anxiety and depression, because of the things that I say and what I feel. My mood can change often and my thoughts are increasingly negative. I confess that I need help, but assistance by others that are similar to myself.

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  • Hi Diva,

    There are lots of us with problems similar to yourself. We are different from each other but the same due to our problems. Mine are under good control due to treatment for many years. I have a psychiatrist and meds and a LCSW and CBT therapy for many years also. I hope you find what you want here and help others while you are here, too. Anything I can help you with?

  • Thank you for your feedback!

    I suffer from lack of confidence and self- doubt. I need some validation. I wonder if meds will help me. It's hard for me to value my self. :(

  • Hi... I agree with BonnieSue... you're not alone.... I was abused when I was young by both parents and now suffer from C-PTSD, BPD and Depression. When I was first diagnosed I felt awful being labeled with those but I realized each one gave me a basis on which therapies might me feel better...

    I also used to to think I could only connect with others that have been through what I have, but after many years ended up realizing sometimes we can find help from those who just know a bit more about what we're going through as they are trained in the therapies - I don't take meds but I've had many different types of therapies including hypnosis, DBT and EMDR which maybe you could read up on.

    For a helpful self therapy read my post, A Therapy I Use for Anxiety -- I hope it helps...

    - Lisa

  • Hello Lisa,

    Enjoyed reading your feedback. I want to try the hypnosis. Did it help, Lisa?

  • Sorry about the awful things that happen to you. You didn't deserve it not one bit

  • Hi.. thanks... The hypnosis does help, I think because it trains you on how to get into a very relaxed state but you can do that yourself... just by breathing, and I mean taking 15 to 30 minutes every day to relax and breath.

    I think Imagine If helps a lot too. I also have BPD which basically is rigid thoughts and behavior patterns.

    The trick is to listen to really listen as a person who deserves to be happy and healthy, to figure out the negative thoughts in a way that you're above them because those thoughts are based on beliefs, usually from things that happened in your past and your mind's main objective is to protect the self. It's how you look at things that makes life better. Glass half empty or half full and once you change your mind to half full anxiety diminishes. I'm not sure mine will ever go away completely but I now know how to deal with it.

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