Ruining thoughts

Im 21 and it feels like everything is going bad, I blame myself too much to continue living, I've lost my interest in most things and no one seems to really take me seriously.I've met some psychologists which only two of them were nearly professionals and so far both of them had very short lasting effects on me. I haven't been given strong drugs but these ones that I use also have lost their effects(mostly for my sleeping disorders). Has anybody had the same situation or can help in anyway?

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  • I absolutely understand what you are going through. I have the same symptoms. Been frustrated at the lack of effectiveness of therapy and medication. What I can tell you though, is that everything you're experiencing is a product of anxiety, which is often a package deal with depression. For me the most effective way to calm myself is to keep busy. Works better than anything. I notice that when I am working my mind is distracted, so the thoughts aren't so present. In those rare moments when I am completely relaxed, the racing anxious thoughts seem ludicrous. Remind yourself that these thoughts are not you, it is just anxiety. The best moment is when you can realize that you are entitled to live a happy life just like everyone else. Don't focus on curing the anxiety, or try to find the magic answer, just take one step at a time and try to manage it.

    Hope this helps. Hang in there!

  • I really appreciate your reply, honestly I posted this as a shot in the dark but it really comforted me. I felt a little better for a short period that I tried to think less and make myself busy with classes and stuff but soon I started feeling bad again. Im gonna need to work on myself more. Thanks helpfulelvis :)

  • What were you diagnosed with? Sleep disorder? Did you go in for a sleep study at a sleep clinic? What drugs were you put on? What doses?

  • I had insomnia as well as fulltime headaches and digestive disfunctions, which all had mental origins, the specialist gave me pregabalin and nortriptyline one of each with lunch and supper. Unfortunately we do not have sleep clinics here!

  • It seems like by the time I get here it's too late to participate in anything. Why is that?

  • Everyone's input is important BonnieSue so just get in there and say what you feel.

    Ps am going to do some housework now :) xxx

  • It takes time with meds and understanding the change in your habits it took almost 2 years of triing different meds for me to reach the level im at now. I still have my bad days and still sleep alot but its better then what it was. Stay strong snd if you need help threw the bad days we are here for you

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