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I'm lost

I'm new here and have been suffering from anxiety for quite some time. It didn't get really bad until about a year ago when I was preparing for an important exam. Ever since then, I noticed that I'm always worrying about everything around me, and trying to control them. It got so bad that my boyfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago (after being together for 2.5 yeas) and the anxiety is now at its worst. On top of the breakup, life didn't stop and gave me lots of trials but my SO who's usually there to comfort me is now gone. I've been simultaneously trying to deal with the breakup and the anxiety that comes along with it. I used to see a counselor at my university, but since I recently graduated, it is no longer available to me. I loved my counselor, he really helped me, so the loss of him too is quite devastating. I don't want to open up to another stranger, it's hard to put my trust into someone again. In the past months I have tried meditating, reading books, be occupied and talk to friends and be surrounded by them. But nothing seems to be working. I know there are bad days, but as the days go on, the bad day will stretch into a few days into a week. So, here we are. I'm still lost and hoping something will come along.

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Here is a good article about worrying that could help give you orientation of how anxiety works.

I hope you take the time to read and understand that anxiety is like a leech - the more you feed it, the more it multiplies. The longer you ignore dealing with it, the more control it acquires.


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