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Despite all the bad in this world


So despite all the negative and debilitating effects of anxiety and depression, I managed to make myself a healthy smoothie yesterday morning and this morning. Despite oversleeping and feeling mentally and physically drained, I managed to ask my sister to go to beginners pilates with me tonight at my local health / sports centre.

Despite the harshness and unfairness of reality, of depression, of any mental health disorder, we manage to stay alive. And although people around us will never understand what we have to go through every second of every day, we should learn to accept and then dismiss their ignorance and misunderstanding towards our health, because we must love ourselves first, before anything or anyone. Your emotions, feelings and choices are valid. Just because our brains are literally missing certain features or chemicals in order for us to function like 'normal' human beings, does not make us less of a human being. We are constantly misunderstood by society, and only those who are going through very similar mental health issues will have some form of empathy and agreement. This internal suffering was not and will never be our 'choice'. But we still manage to stay alive - and that is pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

Peace and Love,


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Hi Kelly

Really enjoyed reading this post 🙂 Absolutely lovely wording, understanding & comprehension 💗

I've read it & re read it (daft I know) but you've put into words what I feel about living with mental health illnesses & issues but can't converse.

Really powerful 💫

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Thank you so much Blu :) means a lot. I'm very glad it helps! It's helping me too x

Blu80 in reply to Hidden

You're very welcome 🙂 So relatable & what I needed to both read & hear at the moment 💫 x


Really enjoyed your post. And totally relate to it. Right now I am struggling to get out of bed, yet have a mixed state of depression and anxiety so it's not like I am comfortable here either. But I feel completely debilitated by my thoughts. And it is oh so real, when I struggled to do a simple thing like take a shower, it makes me feel horrible and like how do I even survive like this. So your perspective is refreshing.

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I'm glad :). I hope you feel a bit better soon, and thank you for your reply X

thanks i appreciate your message and think its great that youve been progressing in the face of opposition.

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