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Guidelines for Tomorrow (May 16, 2017) "Ask the Psychiatrist & Psychologist" Live Event

Guidelines for Tomorrow (May 16, 2017) "Ask the Psychiatrist & Psychologist" Live Event

ADAA’s “Ask the Psychiatrist and Psychologist” live event with ADAA members Dr. Deborah Kissen (Psychologist) and Dr. Karen Martinez (Psychiatrist) will be held tomorrow (May 16) at 1:00 pm EST. Here are the details on how the live event will work and specific guidelines we ask all participants to follow.

At 1:00 PM EST on Tuesday, May 16, we will create a new official post to open up the community for your questions. All questions that you have for either doctor should be posted as a reply to our original post. Any questions that are posted as their own thread will not be included as a part of the live event.

During the event we recommend that you click the “Follow Post” button directly underneath the official post and next to the “Like” button so that you will receive notifications of what questions have been posted and what the replies are, in case your question has already been asked by another member. In order to make sure that you are seeing the most up-to-date questions and answers, you will need to continue to refresh your browser to show all of the replies.

At the end of the live event (at 2:00 pm EST), we will lock the thread, so that no more questions can be posted in the thread. If you miss the live event, we will keep the post on the community so that you can see all of the questions and answers from the session!

Guidelines for the live event:

•While ADAA always strive to provide useful, up-to-date information on matters of concern to the community, the information posted in this “Ask the Psychiatrist & Psychologist" live session should not be used as a means of diagnosis or determining treatment. For diagnosis and treatment options, you are urged to consult your physician or mental health provider.

•You can draw your questions from your personal experience, but please try to keep questions broad, and in terms of the general ADAA community.

•Please try to limit your questions and responses to three sentences.

•As always, please be respectful of other members and their questions.

•ADAA reserves the right to delete any inappropriate or duplicate questions.

•We will try to get to all questions as time allows. If there are a few questions we don’t have time to address, Dr. Kissen and Dr. Martinez have agreed to answer these off-line. We will post a separate thread with their responses in the days following the live event.

See everyone at 1:00 pm EST tomorrow!

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Hi as treatments vary round the world as do the mental health services ie in USA there is medical insurance etc. and in the UK the NHS, which country are the professionals from please? Obviously this has to affect their answers.


They are both from the US.


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