Anxiety, shortness of breath?

I just had a checkup/follow up with my doctor last Tuesday. Everything was fine with me besides the fact that I got diagnosed with vertigo and vestibular neuritis (tube that connects my inner ear to my brain is inflamed), which was caused by a case of the flu I had a few weeks ago. I was feeling very crappy for weeks (on top of anxiety from worrying about feeling sick) before I got diagnosed.

My anxiety is bad again, and has been since my doctors appointment. I feel short of breath and feel like I have to yawn to get a good breath. Should I be worried it is something more than just my anxiety? I'm so sick of this!

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  • While you talk about your shortness of breath you say in the same sentence that your anxiety is back. So look no further for the problem: anxiety. I am guessing you know how to breathe slowly? In...1...2..3...hold ..1..2...3... out...1..2...3...4...or something close to that depending on your personal breathing habits at this moment. If you have to, you can breathe into a paper bag for 1-3 minutes to get started with slowing you down and taking in less oxygen.

    I don't blame you for being sick of this, that's what we all do. It gets very old very fast, doesn't it? Are you on any meds for this anxiety? Any hope of being put on meds?

  • Im prescribed Vistaril but I never take it. It doesn't work. I'm in weekly therapy which has been helping a bit but I still can't stop obsessing about my health.

  • At the last appointment with the prescriber of the Vistaril did you say that it didn't work and you weren't using it? Did you ask for another drug to replace it? I'd bring the Vistaril in to give to the doctor so s/he would have possession (should s/he choose to take it) and to know that I wasn't using it in my body at the same time if s/he prescribed a new drug. You appear to need a different but effective drug. Witness that you can't stop obsessing on your health and that needs to come under control.

  • I have done the same thing and yes it sounds like your anxiety. You have to tell yourself your fine and try some relaxation techniques.

  • Hi there! You are not alone on the yawning. I do the same thing. Feels like I can't yawn and then I have to keep trying to yawn to feel satisfied. I have learned that it's my anxiety that feeds into that. Not that I am happy to hear what you are going through but it's nice to know I am not crazy or have something else going on. I feel like I am bloated at times and my diaphragm isn't working or something. I hate the yawning thing for sure!

  • I can relate to this feeling a lot. I tend to hyperventilate myself all the time without realizing it. I have come to learn that, that feeling is caused by breathing from your chest or trying to breathe really hard. It just causes the feeling to get worse. What helps me is to remember that if I am talking I am breathing. It is an uncomfortable feeling but it will subside. The more you think about it, the worse it gets. I try to hold my breath for as long as I can and then let it out. I keep doing this until I feel that worry go away. It can be scary holding your breath when you already feel like you can't breathe, but it helps. Just keep reminding yourself, that you are okay. You are breathing. You are okay. I have been doing this a lot lately. Trying to combat my negative thoughts that say " you're not okay, you can't breathe and you're going to die". Also, reminding yourself that you just saw your doctor and your okay. They would have found a problem if there was one. Just try your hard to have trust in that as hard as it can be. Fake it until you make it. Also, I found that distracting myself from this thought helps.

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