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Keep on swimming!

That's what my best friend always writes after her response to one of my texts about my daughter. And it's TRUE! As long as you keep on swimming, no matter how fast or slow, eventually you will get to some sturdy land or the hope of some soon that allows you to continue just a little bit longer. We, my 15 year old daughter and I, have had major ups and downs over 3 years. 2 years ago she went to school 3 days at the beginning of the year and then not again. But right now , 3 schools later, she has found friends interested in her interests, great teachers who get it and have given her concrete ways to have hope and energy. My fingers are crossed because she's gotten on her 6:30 bus 3 weeks in a row. She's also DOING things with enthusiasm. It's SO exciting and I strongly encourage others to keep on swimming.

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Such great news! You'll be able to help other moms and teens who are struggling! I congratulate you on your progress and pray it continues and leads to permanent good. Maybe the most difficult times are past for you and your daughter. How wonderful that would be!


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