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College Anxiety

I have been wanting to go to school for Nursing now for years. However I have been held back due to my social anxiety and fear of speaking in class. I don't know how to get over this. I took the public speaking class in high school. I passed but was miserable the whole way through it. I also was a church organist for 6 years and it never got easier! So much for exposure :(

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Yes, so much for exposure. You tried and that wasn't your answer. Now you need to try treating the anxiety disorder with a drug. Go see your GP or a psychiatrist and get on medication and see if that does the trick. It's okay to have some performance anxiety but I assume you're talking about feeling a whole lot worse than just that. You did pass that class so you can't have done all that badly. But still, I think you are feeling too much anxiety by your statement. So give medication a try and see how it goes. You may not think it's worth the price you pay in side effects. You be the judge. Best of luck to you. I hope it helps you a lot.


Thank you


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