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Need help with breathing to reduce anxiety

Lately anxiety has taken over my life to the point I've had EKG, 24 hour heart monitor, sleep oxygen testing...well you know the drill. Just started with a therapist (one session so far) which has given me hope. I keep being told to breathe, that breathing will help when the attack overwhelms me and I think I am having a heart attack.

But I can't seem to grasp the concept. No amount of sitting or lying still and breathing helps. What am I doing wrong?

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Middle_Child, it's nothing you are doing wrong, it just takes practice. I find it easier to watch a video that talks you through the steps of deep breathing. If done properly it can relax your mind and body, bringing an intense calm deep within.

I use YouTube, Audio Deep Breathing & Relaxation. I hope this helps. x

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I dont believe your doing anything wrong cause i go through that alot myself the only thing i can say that helps me alot of times is to have someone you can call who knows what your strugfling with and talk to them whenever you get anxious as you really engage in conversation with them you tend to stop focusing on the anxiety hope that helps

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