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hi im new here, i was diagnosed with thyroid issues and hashimotos about 2 years ago which has caused a tremendous amount of health issues

weight gain, teeth loss, dry skin, hair loss, arthritis, anxiety, depression, puffy face etc.

in the last two months my anxiety and depression have been out of this world.. my anxiety attacks are so bad that after there finally gone they leave me very very sore and with brain fog.. im struggling and my dr has put me on buspar but i felt like a zombie on it i dont do well on medications and i think my doasge was to high maybe.. im not really sure my next move but i know that its slowly getting worse and im scared of it taking me over completely if that makes sense.. its nice to have an outlet to put to words what im feeling..

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  • How awful to have such a high degree of anxiety! You have my sympathies! I truly hate it when my anxiety has been very strong. It can be useful when it's mild but when it's strong it can be a real nuisance or a tremendous enemy. So this co-worker somehow made a "game" of picking up and storing all of the Dory Toys and Boys books...when I got near the food she jumped up, squeezed the bag where it was necessary?

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