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Health anxiety

Is health anxiety the same as being a hypochondriac? Having anxiety makes me, and probably most people, more aware of things that their body does or sensations that other people don't notice. One little pain, muscle twitch or flutter can send me into a panic attack. I don't know what the cruelest part of anxiety disorder. The anxiety itself or being so hyper aware of my body and things going on with it and around it. Is it not bad enough to just be anxious? Having the racing thoughts that consume me and keep playing over and over. Peripheral neuropathy that makes it hard to go back to sleep if I have to wake up for any reason. It is never good when it keeps u from really sleeping when u take a sleeping pill. Now the strange burning sensation soon my tongue, roof of my mouth and a bit of the throat has taken over. This and the neuropathy started once I finished tapering off of my klonopin. Life just doesn't get any easier.

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Why did you taper off your Klonopin when you still have this level of anxiety? You certainly seem to need it. I tapered off most of my Klonopin but I didn't need it. I don't have any symptoms. I wouldn't have done it if I had your symptoms. It seems self defeating to me. Now what are you going to do for sleeping and how will you get anything done while your symptoms dominate your awareness?


it is not good for u if u want to try to have a baby. I am 38 and decided that I had done enough school and wanted a baby. Doctors told me that there would be a high likelihood that if I got pregnant while on it that I could lose the baby. Well, I got pregnant and lost the baby after 7 weeks. That was in July and at that point I started to do my taper. Despite being safe I found out I was pregnant again in September. I had basically finished my taper so I stopped taking it. I have been taking buspar but it is not as good. I went through serious withdrawal with morning sickness who chi caused a lot of stress. Then the beginning of November my nana passed away and by black friday I had lost this baby at 10 weeks. While all of this was going on the peripheral neuropathy started and it has been tough ever since. The neurologist had me take some blood tests, I see him for migraines, and I am vitamin d insufficient and prediabetic. However the blood sugar one I don't trust because he did not tell me to fast so I took my Meredith either orange juice or iced tea. There are medications to take to try to help the neuropathy, but want to try raising my vitamin d levels to see if that helps. I also need to find out if it s safe to take if I decide to try one more time to have a baby.


You're right, the blood sugar isn't reliable because you weren't fasting. But the doctor would know that.

Have you thought about how bad all this anxiety is for the baby? I had to face this problem myself and it was scary to think of how badly I was going to be affected and then how badly the baby was going to be affected on top of that. Think of all those adrenaline rushes that the baby will know as normal daily living. Do you really want to do that to your child? I was afraid my child would be born addicted to adrenaline rushes and risky behavior or as an extremely nervous person for life. I couldn't accept being responsible for that. I hope you find a solution to these problems before you become pregnant again.

I wish you all the best with whatever you decide.


I know I lost my second pregnancy due to stress. I hope things get better

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