I have a huge fear of psychosis as well as the more severe mental illnesses. I am diagnosed with anxiety and I have a little bit of depression from it. It's been a constant battle and this morning I started on the medication. I have thoughts about what if I see or hear things. What if I think god is sending me signs or controlling my thoughts. Which part of me knows isn't realistic but I'm kind of starting to believe it. Should I go to the hospital and get checked out for psychosis ?

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  • why are you asking us if you should go get help for your mental illness?

  • Hidden, it sounds like obsession about psychoses and fear. Do you talk to your Dr. About this? I think you would know if you were hearing things. I also have this fear but it helps to talk to my therapist. what meds are you on?It sounds like anxiety to me. Good thoughts for your recovery.


  • I can't answer what you should do, but sometimes anxiety and depression are signals telling us that something needs to be changed in our lives.

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