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Overcoming Anxiety

Hi folks...I want to introduce myself. I used to contribute to a site called Daily Strength but their format changed and is not as easy to communicate. Anyways...I came across this site today and would love to offer my 411 on how I overcame anxiety if any of you are interested.

I have been free from anxiety for many years now...but believe me, I completely understand just how bad anxiety and the resulting depression can get. I also know that everyone of you have the power to overcome it also. Trust me....there is nothing special about me...I don't have any super powers....I am just an average normal person who had anxiety and now I don't

FYI...there is no "Quick Fix" for anxiety. I gave a lot of money to people selling quick fix snake oils before I figured this out. I thank God that I found people, who by using CBT taught me the way out. Turns out, if you understand what anxiety truly is....then learn how to make it stop....it will stop!!! It really is that simple! It just takes a little work and a little time.

When I have time here I will bop around a bit and answer questions but the best way I have found to help others is by posting once a week with each "step" that I learned about to overcoming anxiety....there are 12 Weeks!

Reply to this if interested and I will put together a group.

Oh ya...this is free!!! I remember, when I was at my worst, I prayed that someone, somewhere would help me. I was soooo scared and was desperate for help. I made a promise that if I ever overcame this condition that I would...for the rest of my life...help others to overcome it to.

I did...therefore...I am!!!

Look forward to meeting you all.

My best to you always!!!

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Hello, I am certainly interested. Please include me in your group. How soon can can we start?


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