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Advice for an anxious individual?

I suffer with bipolar depression and anxiety but recently have had overwhelming anxiety I think bc of having a hormone imbalance(pcos). We don't have the money for medication for any of my problems so I do a lot of self medicating. Recently I've had a rise in all my symptoms and that makes me anxious and that makes my symptoms even worse. Ex: biting my cheeks until they bleed, zoning out while driving, losing interest in all hobbies (reading art, music) becoming irritable, unable to focus, foggy memory over recent things, unable to be alone for too long ( or else I go into a weird anxious depressive state), etc. Thinking about my health sends my anxiety into over drive because there isn't anything I can do to stabilize myself and I believe my hormone imbalance is worsening my mental health, but again there isn't anything I can do to fix it. My anxiety is starting to cause more issues like unable to sleep even though I have important things to do or unable to focus on my classes/ disrupting classmates from constant fidgety movements. I guess I'm looking for a way to cope with my anxiety because I haven't really found a bulletproof method.

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I have bipolar disorder and GAD anxiety too. There's no way you should be without medication and no way without it for pcos either. Have you checked on a clinic in your county for people who can't pay? Or who can't pay much? There might be one. Sometimes the drugs that you get have to be cut down very much because they're donated and nuisance things like that but they're better than nothing by far.

When you say your memory is foggy just prior to that you say you had trouble focusing when you 1st heard the material you're foggy about. Well that's a good way to never remember something---to not be able to focus when it's critical to hear it and file it away for recall later on. That's just normal.

I have a long list of non-drug things that people from this site have considered helpful in dealing with anxiety and a little bit with depression. If you're interested I can print it here. Is there any way I can further help you please let me know. Talking, answering questions, whatever...just let me know. I'll be here before too long.

I've got a good feeling about you!


Wow you and I have a lot in common. From the Pcos to anxiety symptoms. You need to be seen. You've got to stabilize yourself. Are you in the US?


There are things you can do to help your anxiety and PCOS. Yes, the hormonal aspect of this can be frustrating but is manageable with time. Having access to medical care and medication is important. It's not advisable to self-medicate, with anything.

A change in diet/lifestyle can help tremendously with PCOS, I know from experience. It isn't easy by any means but definiately a process worth trying. It mostly involves "clean eating" by avoiding processed foods. There are various dietary supplements which can also help with the hormonal imbalance. You shouldn't do this on your own as some of the supplements can have side effects or worsen certain conditions.

I could suggest some "general" supplements which may help regulate blood sugar related to insulin resistance/PCOS. Cinnamon and chromium piccholinate are two that come to mind. Check online for holistic treatments for PCOS.

Trying to get "balanced" on your own is not advisable. Try to find help. When you ask you may just find some affordable treatment options. This is something you should be managing alone.


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