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New here but not to anxiety

I am hoping to find some insight into this monster anxiety as it is affecting my life.

I believe I was mis-diagnosed with depression 14-years ago when I went to the doctor. He did not get the fact that I was not depressed but terrified of things that never bothered me before. My entire professional career as a photojournalist was filled with high stress activities and then bam, I am scared out of my mind. My meds have helped but as I age, it seems harder to deal with the stress in my life so like i said, I am hoping to find some insight into dealing with this.

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Has your Dr. changed your meds lately? Your meds should be covering your anxiety or else they probably need adjusting of the dosage or changing to a different med. You also may need counseling to help you deal with the stresses of living and working with an anxiety disorder and how to better monitor yourself and your needs.

Your high stress job may be taking it's toll on you and you may have to make some changes because of that. I know I had to reduce my hours for this same reason when I was working. I hope you successfully solve your dilemma and get back to feeling good. Take care.


SueSz, thank you for your reply. I am planning on consulting with my doctor regarding my meds to see if there could be a change made that may help. Regardless of this, ultimately I believe that reducing the stress in my life is the solution, one that has escaped me over the years. A solution I fear I will never totally find so it is back to meds to help me out.

Thank you again for getting back to me. It helps knowing someone can hear what I am saying.


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