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Neuralgic Pain Worse

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I have a baclofen pump and take gabapentin yet my pain in legs is worse than ever. It can be fine one minute and bad the next. It can localize in one area and stay there for hours. Terrible when you can't get to a pain, rubbing just makes it worse it seems like. Today my leg is jumping up, and I can't lift it up at all. when it starts jumping it will do it about every 30 seconds. any advice would be great.

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Have you ever tried a TENS/EMS unit? Also, Benfotiamine is a vitamin that helps with nerve pain and leg restlessness. Sorry you're going through that. Hope you find relief soon.

I know this has nothing to do with your question. Do you notice any difference in having a pump? My neurologist has been suggesting this for a while. She referred me to another neurologist who has experience with the pumps and he said that I was a great candidate for one after reviewing my chart and an exam. Neurosurgeon office is supposed to call to set up a trial appointment.

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I got the pump prior to diagnosis of amn but it does constricted spasticity and you can increase and decrease the dose. I would recommend. Make sure you either don’t have Addison’s or is well treated. I had crisis month after surgery and that is was led to diagnosis.

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Oral baclofen is no comparison to intra thecal baclofen. I have been on for 21 years. No side effects. Current dose 230 mcg per day. Get refill every 7-8 months.


Baclofen did nothing for me? Have you tried vitamin D3? Might be worth a try?

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