Extreme emotions and AMN

My emotions have become very extreme. I get very angry at dropping something for example or just an itchy nose. I then get tearful over nothing. I went to the Drs and he prescribed an anxiety type drug which is amazing . I am so relaxed now and not getting emotional or angry. Is only a mild dose of sertraline. Has been fab. Just passing this on😀

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  • I have been taking this as well since my son and myself have been diagnosed. Does help.

  • Hi Bozzer

    I’m sure you know this but just in case. Have you checked your Cortisol levels? (addison's disease)

    Since cortisol is a stress hormone, the body handle stress very badly if its low and you get the symptoms you describe. I have it myself and I need to take hydrocortisone every day and it really helps me to keep my emotions in place.



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