My crutches arrived yesterday from the good people at Amazon.

A big psychological hurdle for me, but I was sick and tired of lumbering/lurching about. I am registered disabled now, but with these I actually look less disabled than my free-standing walking. I can actually work up a half-way decent walking rhythm. Though, walking is not really the right word. But, anything that keeps me mobile, and out of a wheelchair (for now).

In other news, I just found this...

Some half-way interesting info there.

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Welcome to the gimp club Monkey. My personal opinion is that you should not let pride get in the way of your ability to move around freely and enjoy life (especially given that we do not know how long we have to do so). I went several years using a forearm crutch because I was scared/embarrassed by the thought of using a wheelchair. When I moved to a wheelchair my world opened up.

On a side note, I just noticed that you live in Japan. Are you Japanese? I ask this because I have not run across many Asians with AMN.

Keep on keeping on.



Was only briefly in Japan. Back in London now. I can though say this, the neurological hospitals (hospitals for "intractable diseases") in Tokyo are excellent.

But the medicines are no different. Whichever country I've ever been in, all I've ever done is go from doctor to doctor and Google as much as I can.

LIke I've said before, all I was basically offered was Baclofen and Valium. I've come a long way since then.


Good for your, I know how it feels can be so frustrating to lose a bit more movement as time goes on. I know it took 12 months for me to accept I needed a rollator and my garage is full of rollator, wheelchair and mobility scooter depending on how able I am and how far is manageable for me.

Keep going though for as long as you can keep using those legs the better, Sue


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