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Temperature control

Hi, I am a post menopausal female carrier and recently have started having episodes where I get excessesively hot and sweaty. These are not the same as menopausal flushes. I am also a bereaved mum and towards the end of my sons life he used to sweat a lot, even in cold weather, and we used to have to sponge the sweat from his face. I am having to do this now. Seeing my neurologist in a couple of weeks but thought I would post to see if anyone else has this problem.

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I to have this problem. Would be interested to know what your neurologist has to say as I am seeing mine in January and this is on my list of questions.


I will let you know ddwoodham, it's actually Tuesday I am seeing him not weeks at all, lol


Look forward to hearing from you. Hope all goes well.


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