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Please help..thinning and bald patches - anyone advise what vitamins or supplements to take

I have to follow a low fat diet due to acute pancreatitis which happened in August this year and I also have an underactive thyroid for which take thyroxin and B12 injections every 3 months. Recently my hair has been thinning more and more over the last 3 months to the point now my parting is very wide and looks almost bald in parts (it has been getting thinner prior to my attack of pancreatitis but now it is much worse). My doctor took another blood test on Thursday and he rang me Friday dinner time to say I have to take 210mg iron tablets 3x a day. Can anyone advise what else I would be able to take to help with my hair loss? I am getting so frightened now when I go to wash my hair in case I end up with nothing left, I only wash my hair once a week! Someone did mention Nordic supplements but not sure if these are any good or even if I can take them with my medication I am on. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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I've been suffering with alopecia for over a year. Blood tests show I have low iron and low protein levels but doctors adamant not low enough to cause alopecia. I have been taking supplements for last 3 months and it has been improving. ( I have also been having scalp steroid injections from dermatologist) - I am taking iron twice daily, vitamin c 250 mg three times daily....the vitamin c helps iron absorption, a magnesium and zinc supplement plus l lyosine 500 mg twice daily which is proven to help with hair production. I also try to follow high iron diet which includes waiting at least half an hour after meal before having tea/ coffee as these reduce iron absorption and trying to include vitamin c such as lemon juice on salad. I definitely feel better in myself and hair slowly getting improving. I was recommended a book by someone at the alopecia support group which details all this. What's up with my hair by mary corrigan. I've found it helpful but not saying works for everyone but may be helpful for you.

Hope this helps!


This is a great help thank you and I will definitely take a look at that book. You also mentioned magnesium and zinc supplement, how much of this do you take and can you have this with an underactive thyroid? x


I take a holland & Barrett magnesium supplement which includes zinc ( 266 mg mag, 10mg zinc). You would need to consult your doctor about taking with an under active thyroid. Good luck


Thank you, I shall have a word with my doctor.


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