Help for itchy hair?

Hi, I am new here. I am a 39 year old mother from Jamaica. For a number if years I have been experiencing itchy hair scalp, especially in the middle of my hair. This causes hair loss but only the end breaks off. My hair itches terribly when it's breaking and itchy uncontrollable when it's being comb. I have not been diagnosed with and hair conditions but was recent diagnosed with Contact Dermatitis I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the constant itching of my scalp. Is there any advice on what can help? I bought all different kind of hair products even cut my hair bald on many occasions but nothing helps as when hair regrow condition continues.

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  • Alopecia can come with symptoms other alonside the hair loss. The most reported is itching. Some find its a sign of loss, others find it comes before regrowth, and others don't notice any difference. Usually what helps is something cool applied, whether that is simply ice or cold wet cloth, it if you find particular lotions help, keep them in fridge.

  • Thanks much

  • look up caster oil. see if that helps

  • jamaican black castor oil shampoo, conditioner help and they have a treatment oil..helps with itching but have not seen hair stop falling out...

  • I have tried helps for a while

  • I have had itchy scalp for years. Now since I am getting older, I am noticing little blisters on my scalp. The dermatologist could not give me an answer or any treatment. He just said it was something you have to live with. A friend suggested to use Denorex Maximum Itch Relief. There are two, they both look alike. One is a coal tar solution and one is a salacytic solution. Be sure and get the one with the COAL TAR SOLUTION, look on the back and it will tell you which one it is. It does not smell too good but it sure has been a godsend to me. I use it every time I wash my hair. I have quit using hair spray and setting gel on my hair. My scalp now hardly ever itches and my hair seems to look and be healthier.

  • is it still fALLING out or did you have just the itching

  • It has really slowed in falling out. The itching has almost gone. I would really encourage you to try this shampoo, but be sure and get the one that says coal tar on the list of ingredients. This may or may not help you but it has helped me immensely.

  • Yes it still falls out but just the ends. After shading middle looks like I get a really low cut

  • Worth a try. Thanks much

  • DO you color you hair and did it affect your color... i have some cold tar in my cabinet but was afraid it may remove hair color....mmmm...worth a try

  • Yes I do and colour stay in tax for months

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