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My son

I don't have alopecia, my son has had it for a couple of months and, as you can imagine, he is distraught.

I have spent a fortune on nioxin, and on supplements like Hebridean sea Kelp , but its getting worse..

I have coeliacs, I wonder if its worth asking his GP about a possible connection. I know it can be induced by an auto immune disorder..

Any thoughts?

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Hello, has your son been referred to a dermatologist by your GP? If not, I'd recommend you ask your GP. If they push back (they shouldn't), insist. You have a right to see a specialist.

There is no known cure for Alopecia. Many people with Alopecia try anything (at any cost) to get their hair back. I have refused to spend money on products with no proven cure. I've had Alopecia for 3 years, lost all my hair and had no regrowth for over 2 years. In the last few months, I've been experiencing regrowth but this has come back of its own accord - no treatments, no expensive supplements.

Alopecia can be a really hard thing to deal with, both for those with it and those around them. Support groups really do help. If you haven't already, have a look at the support groups in your area:

With regards to the coeliac connection, my brother is coeliac but I have been tested and told I am not coeliac. Alopecia is thought to be auto-immune and many of us with it have family members with other auto-immune conditions. Again, you are able to ask your GP for tests to be run if you have concerns. I've recently had all my bloods run again and specifically asked them to test me for iron and vitamin d levels. I have been found to be vitamin d deficient. Not suggesting this is the cause of my Alopecia (or anyone else's) but this is something I want to address.

Hope I've been some help. My advice would be to stop spending your money on this condition. My belief is that this is not going to be cured by anything out of a bottle, or at least not one which is currently on the market.

All the best,


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I tend to agree with everything Amy has said. Interestingly, my brother is also coeliac as is my niece. I have read (and been told by the dermatologist) that auto immune conditions are often linked and familial. Unpredictability is one of the most frustrating aspects of alopecia - but don't despair. It seems there are a lot of us out here!


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Thank you guys, I appreciate your honest and thorough answers and will get him to push for a dermatologist referral. I know also that stress is often an issue and he is a sensitive soul, and 20 so maybe he is a little stressed too.. Certainly this alopecia isn't helping him

He went to the GP initially and the GP said 'There's nothing we can do, grow the rest of your hair long to cover it.. :(


I just wanted to message you to give you my heart felt empathy; my 9 year old son started developing a few bald patches about 6 weeks ago. GP has referred him to a dermatologist, although I am not too sure what they will be able to do as there is no magic cure. Hope everything works out for your son xx


Hi Weee, alopecia is auto immune as you, say but all that means is it fits under this vast umbrella covering many conditions. Having one isn't a must for getting another. Some alopecians have many other auto immune conditions and others none st all.

GPs can be unhelpful, but in reality they don't have much to offer us. There is no guaranteed fix.

"Something" is thought to trigger it into being, but what that something is, remains personal belief and guesswork. Stress is a word which gets thrown at alopecia all the time, in my view its an easy throwaway phrase. The simple truth is, we don't yet have the proof for any trigger.

Your son is very very new to this, its a lot to understand. But one good bit of news, the condition does have the ability to right itself, without any help from anywhere. Its a time thing to see what happens. No-one can predict how things will work out.


Thank you so much.. Your insight and support is invaluable.. Now I need to convince him to come here..:)



Hi Ellen, Like yourself I am in the same situation as you. My son developed Alopecia Areata on 19th January this year, is 20 years old and feels his world is crumblng around hm and very alone. He has not as yet joined AUK but I am working on him. Although I am very new to alopecia I have found that talking to people really helps and I am now in the beginnings of starting a support group within my area. I have just spoken to my son about your blog and although he hasnt joined the forum yet is very willing to have conversations with your son on facebook. If he is interested let me know and I will give you his name to contact him. You never know they could support each other, Take Care, Maria


Hi Maria, sorry about the delay in replying, you must think me very rude.

My son has grown his hair to cover his bald patch and won't even see a hairdresser to have it tidied up. I told him they would be very sympathetic and cut it in a style to keep the area covered but it will be neat again. But he is too embarrassed to even go,...:(

How is your son doing?


Hi Ellen, Just to say not at all.

My son shaved his hair off, mainly because he lost over 65% of his hair very quickly. I can only say it is still very difficult for him as I am sure it is for your son, their image is so important at this age and it effects everything confidence, self-esteem, etc. Although it has been 5 months since he developed Alopecia, there has been no improvement, however he has stopped the steriod treatment and has decided to take the consultants advice of just seeing what happens.

Just to inform however we found the support group a great help, if there is one in your area, the infomation you receive is invaluable and even if you cannot get your son to attend it is worth you going. I received so much support from people who attended the one in Newcastle it has really helped, because as you know we suffer with them too.

Take care, Maria


I suffered hair loss too and researched the best vitamins to combat the problem. Then some one told me that a product named Reloxe included all the safe vitamins etc. that stimulated hair growth. I tried it and they were right! Worked in about 3 months. Reloxe Stopped me from having to buy 10 or more different kinds of vitamins per month. LOL

Prenatal vitamins are densely packed with vitamins and nutrients that aid in hair growth as well as skin and overall health. But if you are not pregant another product called Reloxe is similarly made but it focuses on the hair growth aspect.

Prenatal vitamins are densely packed with vitamins and nutrients that aid in hair growth as well as skin, nails and overall health.

Try to check their site:


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