Hi there,

I am a 33 year old woman and have never had majorly thick hair but in recent months it seems to have got a lot thinner around the front top of my head and along the parting (particularly on one side). I can see a lot more of my scalp and well, you know when some people dye their hair and put a cap on and pull bits of hair through, it's a little like that in places (maybe not quite that extreme but hopefully you get the idea.)

I'm terrified. I mentioned it to my mum as she's the only person I feel comfortable telling but she just tells me I'm worrying about nothing. I imagine like most people suffering from this I've exhausted the internet and scared myself more. I'm planning to go to the doctor next week but I'm worried they're not going to take me seriously. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I should expect them to check for when I go and what questions I should expect them to ask.

I know there is info may be online but I would like to hear from people who have actually experienced it.

Many thanks in advance

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  • Hi Stokes9

    Hairloss is a difficult thing to deal with at any age, but harder for one as young as you. My hairloss started (5-6 years ago) with an itchy scalp which felt a bit scaley. My GP sent me away after each visit with a new prescription shampoo to try. None of them helped. Eventually I saw a different GP who referred me to a dermatologist. All this took over a year. The long and short of it is that I have discoid lupus for which the treatment is Dermovate lotion and oral hydroxychloroquin. I had already lost a lot of hair before started on the treatment and wish I'd hassled my GP more in the early stages, but because I thought it was just a cosmetic problem I didn't want to appear wasting nhs resources. If I were you I'd see my GP asap and ask her opinion as I'm sure there are lots of causes of hair loss including a fungal cause that can be more easily remedied. Don't hold back, your loss is causing you a problem which means you need medical intervention. I hope it's nothing serious and will soon grow back. I also take a Biotin supplement which seems to help (it also helps nails and skin) so may be worth a try for you.

    Good luck with your visit to the GP and I hope you get the sympathetic hearing you deserve.

  • Thank you so much. I'm not very good at going to the doctors at the best of times, as I always worry about wasting their time but you are right, the loss is causing me a problem so I must go and hope they are sympathetic. Thank you for your response, it does help hearing about other peoples experiences. I will also give Biotin a shot.

  • see a dr asap and they dont have a answer or just tell you use something over the counter go to another dr.....a good one will test your thyroid, your ferritin iron , your cortisol, your b12, d3, and deficiences as well to get to the root of the problem bec they all can affect hair staying on the head........dont wait....and be proactive..i waited trying different things...over a year later realized i needed more help and found out i was high cortisol which causes hair thinning and low ft3 so thyroid meds not working correctly but also had low normal ferritin...all cause hair proactive, and educate yourself so a dr cant just brush you off and make sure he test EVERYTHING POSSIBLE including zinc and vit A as well and selineum bec high selinium can cause hair loss too...but also fungal infections do yu every have a hot scalp or itchiness or any other symptoms....mine falls out mostly when i wash it and it is wet when i comb

  • Thank you so much, this really does help. I will make a note of all these things and take it with me. At the moment the hair loss is obvious to me but I guess not to other people, so I fear the doctor will try to tell me it's nothing but if I go armed with this info, hopefully they will take me seriously.

    I don't really have any other symptoms. Sometimes it feels a bit itchy but I think that could just be because I'm thinking about it so much and trying not to touch it. I'm not noticing excessive amounts of hair falling out, it just seems thinner around the front top of my head and along the parting and I'm seeing more scalp. I'm just desperately hoping it is not something serious.

  • Exact same things happening to me a little itchy Part us wider and lots of scalp showing but no bald spits just massive thinninh...if your doctor does not take it seriously than you keep going to different doctors because it will keep going in that direction until a doctor takes it seriously I'm going on here too my second year on this and doctor after doctor after doctor blew me off so make sure your hair is parted where it really shows that when you go to the doctor even if it's embarrassing

  • Good idea. The natural tendency is to try and brush my hair in a way that hides the gaps but I won't do that. I never go to the doctor so I'm hoping they will recognise that and won't just view me as a time waster...we shall see!

  • also check for dht...common in hair loss

  • also write down any symtoms you have and when..such a itching..and if it is mostly after shampooing or all day etc, and redness or flakes, anything that triggers a response...i also gave up all sulfate shampoos and just started using rosemary oil which some say stimulates hair growth...we will mix 10 drops in shampoo and condtioner and mix it with any oil and do a hair mask b4 shampooing...or sleep overnight with helps some so i will give any thing a shot

  • Thank you, I'm prepared to give anything a shot too. I've bought some iron supplements, as people seem to say a lack of iron can affect the hair. I don't really seem to have symptoms as such, just vanishing hair. Having said that there are a few things on the lists I've seen for excessive testosterone that I can relate to. I guess I won't know unless they do the right tests, so I really, really hope they do.

  • yes high cortisol, low normal ferritin serum below 80, low thyroid or low free t3 from thryoid med not working properly or undermedicated or over medicated, any sudden change in any hormone in the body, bad digestion not absorpting nutrients, dht hence testosterone turning into dht that causes hair loss,

    all were told me to to cause this type of hair loss and to look for the root cause..i had several and still praying

  • I really hope you do find a cure. It sounds like there are so many different causes. I'm going to try to get to the doctor this week or next week. I'm expecting to be brushed off because it is obvious to me but maybe not to everyone else but I'm just going to argue that I don't want to wait for it to get too bad before we start working out what's going on. If they do brush me off, I might even try to get blood tests done privately if that's possible. The more I hear and read, the more scared I am about not taking action early.

  • There are also cosmetic solutions which do not impair the re-growth should it occur.

    Take a look at these two videos with clients of ours:

    This can help with confidence whilst you address the medical issues.