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Do I Have Fibromyalgia ?

Hi , I have recently been diagnosed by my GP with Generalised Osteoarthritis after examination and blood tests , which I have been getting worse with for years culminating in me having to leave 8 jobs last year to chronic pain , however I have just had a physio app and been told I don't have Arthritis , so it must be something else , I'll have to wait for docs app but I have just spent many hours on Arthritis Foundation website and discovered every single symptom I have suffered for the last 10 years ( related and unrelated to my joint pain ) in a description of Fibromyalgia symptoms , also every single symptom listed there I suffer from , surely this is what I got ?


Take Care Folks

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Message one of the Admins to have a copy of the Fibro Information booklet sent to your GP. Getting a Fibro diagnosis is a long journey, as it is a diagnosis of exclusion, which means discounting many other problems. It is also a syndrome, which is a collection of linked conditions as well, so it can be difficult to diagnose.

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andyk67 Do check out fmauk.org for resources like this and also you might like to send ask FMAUK to send out a medical pack to your GP via this link;


Hope this helps

Emma :)


It was the rheumatologist who ruled out arthritis for me. Then I went back to my doctor who diagnosed fibromyalgia. That was wow! A year ago today! Since then I have read and learned quite alot about my own conditions - and have realised that I may well have had this for about 30 yrs when I read the symptoms that I have lived with for so long ..its only in recent years that I have gone to doctors with ailments and been told they cant find anything wrong. I.e all tests not shown any illness.. Getting a diagnosed is a relief at least then I knew I wasnt going mad and I could finally learn how to manage this illness.

Go back to your doctor and suggest that you may have fibromyalgia. Its sad to say that even today some doctors know nothing about fibro. Bring it to their attention. Good luck!

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Welcome to the AFMCG Community ! :)

Apologies for the late reply - Did you go back to speak with your GP about the possibility of Fibromyalgia? If so, what did they say?

As a newbie, I've noticed you haven't locked this post to the community and this means it is open to be read by anyone on the internet. Locking it means that only the first few lines can be read, here's the link to do this;


I wish you all the best

Emma :)


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