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Tremors & spontaneous twitching

Hi, this is my first post on here, I got diagnosed a year ago with ME & Fibro and I feel like every symptom I had is getting worse. And I now suffer daily with tremors in my hands and arms and also spontaneous muscle twitching. Is this part of these illnesses? Does anyone else suffer? And what do you to help it if possible!? Thanks guys x

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Unfortunately, tremors seem to be quite commonplace with some of us. I get them in my head and neck,especially if I am stressed. When I am aware of them I can stop them, but as soon as i am distracted they start again.


Hi I have Benign essential tremor and what you are describing sounds as if you could have it. I was diagnosed by a neurologist, my GP referred me to him. I also have fibromyalgia I've had it for many years but I don't think that it's attributed to my tremor, you would have to ask your GP, I hope you get something to help you with it

Rosie 😊 xx


Thanks Rosie, I will mention this to my gp and see if I can get referred.

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Hello Mrs.B, I sympathize, as I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in the late 90's and CFS or ME, a few years later. While I experience no tremors, I do get the Muscle Twitching! At times, they are even quite violent, nearly tossing me out of my bed! They occasionally feel like Electrical Shocks in just one limb! I also have the rare Muscle Cramp, that can be extremely painful, even making me Cry Out in Pain! But these events are infrequent, where the "Constant, Unrelenting Pain" can be quite Overwhelming and at times, there is "No Relief" from anything! As to the tremors, I have read that CBD Oil or Capsules, have been of help to many who have tried it! I have tried it for Pain with some minor, positive result, but Could Not Afford the quantity needed, to multiply that effect! IF You live in a state with a Legal Medical Cannabis Law, it would definitely be "Worth a Try!" Consult the dispensary staff for Your Specific Need!


Thank you mountain Michael, it’s so helpful to hear of others with similar symtoms. I also get the muscle twitching, which seems to happen when I relax or going to sleep. I have thought about cbd oil, but like you I can afford to buy it. Just waiting for it to be allowed on prescription in the uk.


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