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Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone. I am so pleased to find this forum as I do not have anyone to talk to who understands the condition unless they too suffer. I have been pretty low for some time now with lack of sleep and continuous pain. I am only allowed to take paracetamol at the moment due to gastritis and heart problems. My rheumatologist said that she cannot prescribe for me until my hearts is sorted. I had heart surgery in May and have a follow up appointment at the end of this month. The surgery made my heart issue worse so I may need further surgery. Meanwhile I don't have any income and my pensioner husband keeps both of us on his pension. I feel pretty lost most days. Sorry to go on but I know no more ne else would understand. Thank you for listening πŸ™‚

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Hello, sounds as though you have been through it recently..hope they can sort your heart problem out. As far as FM is concerned it is one of those conditions that is hidden and no one truly understands unless like you said they are going through it themselves. I'm one of those positive people I'm afraid who believe there is light at the end of the tunnel but we need to look inward to see what we can do.

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Thanks for your reply. My heart problems are slowly resolving (fingers crossed). Hopefully I can now get constructive advice and help from the professionals. I just take every day as it comes. I'm basically an upbeat person but occasionally I slide into some very dark places. Age, lack of employment/pension and living off of my husband's pension don't really help mental health wise. However I do keep trying πŸ™‚

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Sending you positive vibes ! Keep strong and post whenever you need to :)

Also just to let you know, if you wish to reply to a certain member you can do so by clicking the 'reply' within their reply to you, this means that member will get a notification to see you've replied :)

Hope this helps

Emma :)


Welcome to the AFMCG Community Moira2 ! :)

Sorry to hear you are recently diagnosed and that due to your heart problems you cannot take any stronger pain relief. Does this include using pain relief creams? Many people with pain say Capsaicin Cream helps them, however if sensitive to medication it may not be the right thing for you personally and a patch test is always recommended as made from chilli peppers. I found it helped me, so here's a link about it from Arthritis Research UK;


Alternatively, are you allowed to use any other complementary therapies to help alleviate the pain upon the advice of the medics. Do you know if your DRs plan to involve pain specialists in your case to work together with the cardiologists & rheumatologist?

Please do not be sorry, we are happy to listen and help as best we can. We understand as we live with Fibro 24/7 too and know how challenging it can be to say the least!, as well as frustrating and awfully distressing at times. Do post here as often as you like :)

I wondered if I could draw your attention to a post entitled 'How do I lock posts so only members of this community can read them?' as I see this post is not locked. All the information you need should you wish to lock it can be found in the post below;


I am wishing you all the best and hope that you can eventually get the pain under control with advice from the medics in relation to your heart condition

Sending you best wishes and a little bit of extra strength too

Emma :)


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