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I have recently diagmosed with fybromyalgia to add to my Oestioarthritis. ive had OA for the last 16 years im now 50. over the years i was told ive had chronic pain , then MS then it was renamed Fybromyalgia because of the degree of pain all time, having little or no sleep and on many different painkillers i function on auto 24/7.

taking meds all the time means like ive read on here leads to memory loss, tiredness and 100%pain still.

without meds its unbearable to even walk short distances form room to room without pain and unbalance..

please any advice will be greatfully recieved


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I was diagnosed with oa last year with fibromyalgia. I am not too bad yet so am not taking any meds, I am seeing a chiropractor which after only two visits a week for 6 weeks I already notice a difference in my energy levels and the pain is less too. I am now seeing her once a week with exercises to do in between.

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James 66 ,you have my sincerest empathy.Fibromyalgia is like nothing I`ve experienced before,I`ve been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis ,have tinnitus ,aswell as fms..

I`ve been on various drugs for pain ,the most recent Zomorph and Diazepam ,supposedly for muscle spasm.These work pretty well ,but I think I`ve been on morphine too long now ,so it`s losing its` effectiveness.Naproxen makes me sick ,and gives me ulcers ,as do all anti inflammatorys...Too much heat aggravates my pain ,likewise too much cold/damp.

The only thing I find is rest when your body`s telling you to ,and ,even on a reasonable day ,don`t overdo it...(done it too many times ,and at a cost:(

I`m seeing a faith healer next month ,she is apparently specialising in conditions such as fibro.Will report back as to any relief!!

Wish this could have been more positive /helpful.I tend to take life one day at a time.Planning ahead is out of the question ,as I never know the extent to which I`m going to hurt until I wake.(I also wake with severe burning/pain ,hence lack of restorative sleep)..I`d advise anyone with FMS to nap when they hurt really badly.If ,like me your sleep`s disturbed ,give yourself a limit and set an alarm if need be.#Best of luck ,take care x


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