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Not sure how to feel

I went to the doctors yesterday about possibly having fibromyalgia or CFS after regularly going to the doctors for the past 2 years with, anxiety, depression, headaches/migraines, my joints mainly in legs and feet and muscles problems in my arms and they have never been able to diagnose me and told me that it is pretty much all in my head and to just take painkillers. After me mentioning fibromyalgia and cfs to them a couple of weeks ago they thought that it was a possibility.. Yesterday at my doctors appointment he told me that he thinks I have it and is going to send me to a therapist but he was also telling me that it is all in my head and that I just need to get over it and push the pain away.... After that I felt very hopeless and depressed and made me feel like I am going crazy since I know the pain is real... Just looking for information on fibromyalgia and cfs and wondering if any one else feels like that or got told that ?

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When I first suggested to my doctor that I had fibro he said it was impossible, even though my mum had it. It was my physiotherapist that diagnosed me ( he was actually treating my migraines) He was trying to do gentle massage but to me it was agony. When I went back to my doctor and told him he was very apologetic and said that it was very unusual for a mother and daughter to suffer with it.

Finding an understanding doctor is hard but I was lucky with my doctors surgery. There is not really anything they can do, apart from painkillers, anti-inflamatory meds and anti-depressants but to be honest there will always be some degree of pain. It's all about trying to manage your pain as best as you can, knowing your triggers and learning how much activity you can do without making your Pain and Fatigue worse. It takes a while and after 3 years I am still learning.

Good luck :)


Hi, the doctors are a nightmare. They told me go home and look it up on the internet and treat yourself!!

You arnt going mad, it is real illness. It has many symptoms like anxiety depression pain..and fatigue and so many others.

I would defiantly check out fibroaction website. And join them on health unlocked...the community is great. I joined 6 months ago..they will answer any questions you have.

But please don't let anything the doctors say get you down, mine have been awful...but I saw 1 good rheumy( who has left now) who said it is real.

Take care of yourself and I wish you good luck xxx


Thank you both so much for responding !! I am booked in to see a rheumy on the 26th Feb so hopefully it goes ok, do any of you get irritated really easily? I find that sometimes I can be a nightmare especially when I'm in pain ! Xxx


Hi stac3y, good luck with your rheumy appointment. I think its understandable to feel irritable when dealing with our level of pain day in day can really get you down. Stay strong and I really do wish you the best of luck with future appointments. And remember its not all in your head its real!!! Just dont let any gp or rheumy make you feel bad about yourself. Take care xx


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