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Awaiting ablation at Hammersmith

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Hi everyone still on waiting list for ablation been told it’s about 15 months been waiting more than a year now still getting episodes of AF and ventricular ectopic DRs hzz as be digested changing medication to Amiodarone not sure if this is a good move any sugestions or advise wellcome

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I would go along with your doc s advice. Amiodarone can be really helpful short term and hopefully you will get your ablation date quite soon.

I had mine done at Hammersmith hospital I waited 8 months but this was before the pandemic

Good luck with ablation - if you ask to be put on the short notice cancellation list you may get offered a slot at short notice - worth a try.

I would suggest that you research Amiodarone as it’s a drug with very mixed experiences.

The Good News

It’s the most effective antiarrythmic drug in the doctor’s arsenal with the best chance of restoring NSR with or without other interventions. It’s often used prior to cardioversion or ablation to enhance the chances of maintaining NSR.

The Not so Good News

It’s a drug which comes with risks so you will need to be well monitored by your GP - base line blood tests on Thyroid/Liver and Kidney functions are essential and then regular monitoring every 3-6 months.

Most serious and common affects:- Thyroid or lung issues and makes you incredibly sensitive to sunlight so that you can’t have exposure and need to be extremely diligent in applying sunscreen, wearing long sleeves, trousers and sun hat.

Amiodarone is recommended for short term use 6-12 months but sometimes used longer term for those who can tolerate - my husband is one who has been greatly helped by Amiodarone when all else failed. It has a long half life ie: it will stay in your system even when you have ceased taking it for some months.

If you are symptomatic with AF and struggling it is worth considering IMHO but please go into it with Eyes Wide Open.

Hope that helps.

I am waiting for my Ablation at Hammersmith as well. I know they have had a MDT to discuss my case been on list for 7 months, telephone appointment October. Only spoken to EP once

I was put on amiodarone for the same reason and it has improved my QOL so much that I’m having doubts about whether I want ablation! Definitely read up about the side effects, though, which can be quite considerable but mostly after long term use. The sensitive skin starts immediately though, so I’ve just been very careful to put loads of sunscreen on.

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