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Awaiting an Ablation today

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Here I am sitting in St Thomas’ hospital patient accommodation waiting to go to the ward in 1/2 hour. I have a wonderful view of Westminster Bridge and the Thames, I can’t believe the constant noise, traffic and sirens, I live in a very quiet part of Kent. Thank you for all your previous encouraging comments , I am remarkably calm and I will post to you all from the other side!!

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Wishing you well! I am 7 days post my 4th ablation ( 5+ hours in cath lab under local!) and feeling pretty good . Look forward to your next post!


I know that accommodation very well, been there several times. Good luck today, you are in the best possible hands. I had a night on the ward overlooking the houses of parliament and bjg ben striking every fifteen minutes, not much sleep. Who is the medic doing your ablation. Best wishes.

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Under Prof Gill but he didn’t do it, sorry didn’t register the consultant who did and introduced himself

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meadfoot in reply to Linkj

Well done it will have been a hard day for you. Amazed you are able to respond tonight. Hope all went well and you can nis gain relief from afib. Best wishes for your recovery. Are you in hospital or home now, hospital i assume.

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Linkj in reply to meadfoot

No home, 2.5 hour drive through London traffic to East Kent, my wonderful husband drove up and collected me, so good to be home

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meadfoot in reply to Linkj

Bless you both. Rest plenty. What a day. Heres to a good recovery. Stay safe. Enjoy your own bed, nowhere like home. Best wishes.

Wishing you a successful ablation and speedy recovery. Have you got earplugs with you?


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Sending lots of luck !

Good luck

good luck, it will be over before you know it. I had mine yesterday and feel better than I was expecting to be today.

All the best. Had mine about a year ago. So far so good. 🙏🏽

Good luck link! I have mine coming up on the 16th aug at st barts. Hopefully they both turn out well 🙏 keep us posted 👍

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Linkj in reply to Elli86

Good luck Ellie, remarkably manageable, I am home after 2.5 hour journey and up to replying to you all, worst bit is sore groin and paracetamol helps with that

Encouraging and nice to see your positive attitude....a blessing to have this !

Thank you so much you lovely people, as I said to Ellie, not even half as bad as I expected. My temperature dropped to 34C in recovery, I couldn’t stop shaking but the just put me in a Baer hugger until normal and then shipped me back to the ward. All of the staff were wonderful. I think I am running on adrenaline but nothing a good night’s sleep won’t fix

I’ve just been booked in for my first ablation at St Thomas’ hospital next month and also under Prof Gill. Hope you are feeling well today and have a good recovery. Keep us posted please. Wish you well and I’m sure you will enjoy the peace and quiet in Kent, I’m in North Kent and the sun has just come out.

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I can not praise St Thomas’ enough, the nurses were wonderful, the doctors were so good, I am in awe of the whole set up. I can honestly say I felt safe and cared for the whole time. All I can say is I would not be at all scared if I had known how good they were, so please don’t be worried. I’m a bit fragile today but nothing that I can’t cope with.

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CTblood in reply to Linkj

Thanks for quick reply and I feel very reassured by your experience. Take care.

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doubledeck in reply to Linkj

I agreed Linkj, the staff were wonderful in the hospital I was in, explained the whole procedure well and very reassuring and I felt in safe hands and as they said to me, we do this operation all the time. I was also fine on the night after my operation and I hope this continues. Its good to hear positive comments about the operation as before I went for mine it all seemed to be negative which concerned me now.

Now the challenge is to remove the dressing from the leg wound - I'm doing it slowly.

Be glad you were able to be scheduled! Good luck and God Bless!

So pleased all went so well for you and that you were impressed with your care . I felt the same with my care & treatment at Sussex Cardiac Centre, first class. Do make sure you are not tempted to overdo things. Afraid I seem unable to follow my own advice as I've been feeling so well and overdid things a bit on day 8.....changed the bed and decided to do just a little bit ( ?) of cutting back some bushes/climbers in back garden as it was beginning to resemble Amazon rain forest

😬.....had to retire to bed very early. Lesson learnt, just catching up on needlework today. Regards


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