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Ablation at JR, Oxford, anyone?

Hi All, has anyone had an Ablation at the JR in Oxford? I wonder if they could say who did it, how it went etc? Recommendations? I've been offered one there, but they don't seem to be able to tell me who would do the procedure, and I was rather put off by the nurse telling me they have a couple of registrar's, just waiting for a permenant consultants post. Obviously, I'm not keen on the idea of being "practiced on" by a more junior doctor, I would rather see a bit of history about the person who is doing it, like their success rate etc. Or maybe they feel it's such a straightforward procedure, anyone can do it? From reading this website though, it appears the skill of the surgeon is paramount. I suppose the only way to guarantee a certain consultant is to go private?

Thanks, Andy

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I live in Oxford and use the J.R for all my hearts needs....not many of them. Out of interest I have tried to find our about ablation there and It looks as though the ablation dept. is a bit 'thin on the ground'.This is an important op. so you do need to know people in that dept....I fear it may not exist.


Go private if you can, some of the London hospitals are much better staffed and organised.

I have to depend on the JR for multiple heart problems, AF, leaky valves, pacemaker for heart block. I've simply been told not to expect to get any better! No follow up and no backup nurse provision which other hospitals seem to routinely offer.

The JR has never had a good reputation for cardiology and seems unable to organise patient support or to attract experienced consultants truly interested in their work.


Thanks Audrey. Your info. is worth a lot.I have always had my suspicions about the J/R in this respect but didhave one small heart op. there which went exceedingly well due to the specialist who carried out the procedure. I knew who would do even though it was NHS .In 7 years I have never been invited for any follow ups...no repeat echos ,no specialist nurse.I have been thinking for some time I should have a check up but have continued to put it off due to not wanting to go to the JR.


Dear 10gingercats and audrey2543,

Thank you for this. I will take onboard what you have said. Although I don't have private medical insurance, I do have some savings and feel this is important enough to use those, if there is more chance of success with an experienced EP. I did actually contact Professor Schilling's secretary for a quote, not cheap, but then he is supposed to be the best, isn't he? Some of my dealings with the JR have been less than ideal, like being told I could have a cryo ablation, but when I asked them can they cure my flutter with that, they backtracked and said "Oh, sorry, you will need an RF Ablation to deal with both"! Had I not read up so much about the condition and treatment on this website, I would probably not even have asked the question - quite worrying.

It would be nice if someone came back with a positive story re: ablation at the JR, but nothing yet, I see?

Thanks again and Merry Christmas, Happy and Healthy New Year!



Look up your right to choose under the NHS first before you fork out for the procedure - a first step private consultation (with EP of your choice) is within most people’s budget (hundreds not thousands of pounds) and many on this forum have reported that they have gone to the NHS list of their chosen Consultant for the actual procedure (if recommended as a treatment option).

Hope this helps.


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I had a cryoablation at the JR just under three years ago. Apart from some ectopics and 2 short periods of AF within a couple of months of the procedure, I have been AF free. Turned my life around. I no longer take any medication either. Successful? You bet! Thank you JR!!


That's great to hear Mike, do you know who carried out the procedure?

Was that under sedation?

Cheers, Andy


Hi Andy, The procedure was carried out under sedation and I don't remember any of it, apart from arriving in the cath lab and waking up at the end of the procedure! Tim Betts was in charge but it was Michala Pedersen who saw me after the procedure to explain how it went - so she may have done it. I thanked her for doing it anyway!


hi andy i had cryoablation at the jr done by dr michala in januray2017 and i could not fault them in particular dr michala she did the opp and alltho i had complications with another problem not heart related she came to see me several times on the ward and was very kind and has phoned me several times to check my progess and since having the opp i have been fine so i would not hesitate to recomend the jr


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