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Awaiting Ablation but with other problems.

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Hello all, this is our first post but have been reading and following what you say .My wife Fay (70) had a stroke 30months ago caused by AF, she was on Rivaroxaban but is now on Warfarin being on the waiting list for the ablation. Our question to you guys is : because my wife suffers badly with haemorrhoids (piles) surgeons will not operate because of the blood thinners do you know of others on blood thinners that have had a operation. ?

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I have had several operations but in most cases one needs to stop warfarin five days before . With Rivaroxaban this could the the day before.

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stevie8247 in reply to BobD

Thanks for the speedy reply Bob. Because of having a previous stroke is it not dangerous(another stroke) to come off the Warfarin even for a short time.

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BobDVolunteer in reply to stevie8247

It is possible to bridge the period with short life clexane injections if appropriate. You really need to discuss this all with the surgical team . There are risk in everything we do.

Hi Stevie,

On 6 Nov 2015, aged 71 I had a partial knee replacement. I am on warfarin for life and have been since Jan 2010.

I came off warfarin a week before surgery and in the afternoon several hours after recovery following surgery I was given 2 injections of the bridging anticoagulant, Fragmin.

That evening at my normal time I restarted warfarin. No problems at all.


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stevie8247 in reply to carneuny

Hello John, thanks for reply.

The BIG problem we have is the wife (Fay) had a stroke (a serious one) 30 months ago and the obvious risk is coming off Warfarin even for a short time is another stroke.

Hi Stevie, I am on Rivaroxaban and have been so for a year now. During this year I have had a total abdominal hysterectomy and breast surgery. I am 70. For both operations I was told at my pre op assessment to stop taking it 48 hours before op day. Good luck to your wife, Avril

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stevie8247 in reply to AvrilB

Hello AvrilB, thanks for the comments. The big stumbling block is that because of a stroke Fay had 30 months ago,the surgeons are reluctant to take her off the anticoags to operate risking a further stroke. We need to find a procedure for the haemorrhoids that does not risk bleeding after.

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AvrilB in reply to stevie8247

Hi again, I understand and empathize. We can all tell of our individual experiences, but we have to accept that we are all different, as are our experiences. In Fay's case we perhaps have to accept that the doctors know what they are doing and be sure they will come up with the right solution for Fay. I hope they do so, and quickly. Best wishes, Avril

Hi I've had a few ops when on anticoagulants. I too had injections to prevent blood clots when not on anticoagulants . Ask her docs about it. Anticoagulants shouldn't prevent operations.

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Hello frills, thanks for comments. The main stumbling block according to the consultants is she is on anticoags because of a stroke she had 30 months ago and they think it risky to stop taking the anticoags to operate.

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They injections are a bridge between stopping and starting the anticoagulants

Did she have the stroke while on Rivaroxaban?

Hi there, no unfortunately she started with irregular heart beat 2 weeks before her stroke and was put on Rivaroxaban after. We have seen 2 consultants regarding operating on the piles but both times they said they could not operate because of the anticoags.

In the past I've had 2 haemorrhages that I knew of and a third that I was told about a couple of weeks ago , I was taken off aspirin after the second one and before my ablation the EP put me on Pradaxa that I have been on since. I suppose there's others that could be used.

Does Fay have an EP. If yes it might be useful to see him/her again and ask for advice. (If not ask for a referral to one ). Perhaps they could then have a conversation with the surgeon and they could come up with a plan.

Wishing you both good luck 🍀

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stevie8247 in reply to Dodie117

Hello lallym, thanks for the comments. Fay is on a waiting list for the ablation, approx. 16 weeks, we will do as you suggest and ask the surgeon.

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