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I do not know if others have experienced this or not. I was suffering from ectopic heart beats after I had a stent fitted. So I started to take Magnesium Taurate and initially there was a difference. However that become difficult to get and so I purchased Magnesium Citrate which made no difference at all, so I moved on to Magnesium Glycinate helped the same as Magnesium Taurate. I was then able to purchase Magnesium Taurate again. However I found that it hardly made a difference so when I got to the end of the tablets I decided to see what happens if I didn't take any magnesium at all. And guess what!! I have hardly had any ectopic beats. The odd one and I can now also lay on my left side in bed without the ectopic beats starting. Since I stopped I have had about 5 very small ectopic beats and none now for two days in a row.! and I have not taken any for at least two weeks now. Cannot say how relieved I am. As those of you who suffer from them know they are horrible and frightening.

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How long did it take for you to notice a difference from stoping taking them?

Almost straight away. As soon as I stopped taking the magnesium tablets I stopped having the ectopic heart beats! I have not had one today and none last night. They just slithered away!! At first they were fewer and less severe and it all just got better over time and I was having some bad ones where my heart appeared to be squeezed up.


Indeed and I thought it was the opposite.

How bad where the ectopics? Do you feel nothing now not even a little flutter?

Now and again that is all. I had nothing fou a whole four days and I had a few little bleeps last night. Hardly felt them though and nothing since then. I am just hoping it is going to stay that way. The worse ones was when the heart squeezed up. Quite horrible. I will be more than happy to be rid of those ones. 🤞

Do you suffer with AF also? Or just the Ectopics as i suffer with both

No I do not thank goodness. I would hate that. I only have ectopic beats. I feel for people who have AF. Must be terrible. I worried enough over the ectopic beats let alone AF. There are some horrible stories about AF. I wonder why they cannot get to the bottom of those awful rapid heart beats. So sorry you suffer from both.

Yes its Horrible, just don't know if one sets of another. Ectopics beats on there own are 99% harmless i've been told its a sign of a healthy heart (still i can't get my head round that) but that's what i have been told

I can't quite believe that, however I have had my heart looked at and they said my heart was "perfect"!!

Sorry you have to put up with both. Must be very hard and I do not know about you but they made me feel like an invalid. Keep worrying about my heart and wondering when the heart attack was coming.

I know how you feel, but what i've learnt that Anxiety and the Heart don't mix well, if you can curb your Anxiety which in my mind it's even harder to battle your Anxiety than the actual condition than you've won half the battle. In the last two years since been diagnosed with AF i have transformed my whole diet and weight it certainly helps to manage your symptoms by looking after yourself, its a long battle AF

My own experience of ectopic beats is that they are related to how much sleep I can get, and, suffering with insomnia, that means I'm often tired, sometimes exhausted. I tend to feel them most strongly when in bed at night., but not exclusively.

I think that one possible explanation of what happened when you took mag. taurate initially is that taking the tablets caused you to feel less anxious about your heart because you were hoping and expecting them to work, so they did!

This is an amazing thing about taking many kind of tablets and, to me, suggests that a lot of the problems we feel are related to heightened anxiety about our illness, rather than to the illness itself. That's what I found last year when I had my main arrhythmia problems, too.

If you can find something that will reduce the levels of anxiety, whether medicine, mind-training, needle therapy, acupuncture, or whatever, then it seems it can often reduce the symptoms by creating what is called a 'placebo' effect. Sadly, it doesn't always last and I've read many studies that show, despite a 30-40% initial success, that the effect wears off after the first month or so in most people (not all by any means).

My understanding is that all magnesium salts are easily able to achieve sufficient absorption to achieve more than adequate blood levels, whether taurate, citrate, sulphate or hydroxide. It's easier to take too much magnesium with some of these since they contain a lot more elemental magnesium per milligram, and that can lead to their having a laxative effect (which is very unlikely with taurate and palmitate, owing to their very low levels of magnesium).


Surreychica_1 in reply to Ppiman

To a certain extent I agree. But expecting them to work did not make them work. I still, on the second lot of Taurate had ectopic beats. I just thought that it would be a lot worse when I stopped taking them, however that didn't prove to be the case instead they got better which I wasn't expecting, so it cannot be put down to the placebo effect in this case. I do think that anxiety does cause of lot of problems which we would otherwise not have. Also I totally agree that ectopic beats and lots of other can be caused by lack of sleep. Nothing worse than not getting a good night's sleep, but I also do not get a good night's sleep but still the ectopic beats are not giving me a problem right now.

At the moment as well I am suffering a lot of stress as I am having work done on my flat in the UK and I am in Spain and some of the work is not going smoothly at all!!

We shall see. I will post again in a few weeks. At the moment, although I get the occasional blip, it is nothing like it was before. So the odd blip doesnt worry me at all. 😚

Thanks for your reply and explanation. 👍


Ppiman in reply to Surreychica_1

There’s no rhyme nor reason why some tablets work - in fact, I often expect them to as I trust my doctor a great deal but, goodness knows why, most don’t touch my symptoms. The only tablets I take that I know work 100% are the acid tablets for my reflux, and Milk of Magnesia, as needed, for constipation. 😊


Delnoleen in reply to Ppiman

I am the same as yourself, insomnia for years sometimes a good night. Tiredness make my ectopics and palpitations worse.

Ppiman in reply to Delnoleen

You have my sympathies. Everyone thinks they know the answer to insomnia but, when you really suffer from it, you find that there is no answer. It’s a truly horrible condition that reduces the quality of life a good deal.


Delnoleen in reply to Ppiman

I get a speech from a friend about what I should do to sleep. Coming from a person who has slept well and up to 10 hours a night nearly all his life, doesn,t he think if I could sleep I bloomin well would sleep. Doesn,t matter what time I eventually get to sleep I,m still awake before 6.30 am. I only cat nap in the afternoon too, soon as I drop off I,m back awake.

10 hours is far too long to sleep regardless of age. For me, yes it matters what time I go to bed. If I go to bed after 11pm then I cannot fall asleep, but if I go to bed before 10.30pm I fall asleep almost straight away, but waking up at 3am is a different matter, but I do eventually go back to sleep but not very restful at all.

Delnoleen in reply to Ppiman

I,m on Bisoprolol too for Svt and ectopics.

Ppiman in reply to Delnoleen

I’m only taking a blood thinner now, but keep a packet of bisoprolol handy, just in case!

I’m always being given advice on how to sleep well - and, like you, it’s usually given by those who sleep like logs themselves! Mine, I suppose, comes from my anxious nature, but at 3.30 this morning I had absolutely nothing on my mind, but could I get back to sleep? In the end I took half a sleeping tablet, which did get me off, but today I’m not feeling any benefit from that.


Delnoleen in reply to Ppiman

I used to take half a zopiclone when I woke up , I stopped taking them last year because I wondered if they were the cause of my problems. I have an overactive mind and used to be hyper active but have slowed down a lot. What I,d give to have a lovely nights sleep!

Most people would love that. I do not know many who sleep all the way through the night or get a good night's sleep. The only time I do is when I have done loads of exercise so exercise is good for you and helps you sleep.

Ppiman in reply to Delnoleen

Oh, me too. I very occasionally wake up just the once and, oh, what a difference that makes to my energy and inner peace the next day. Of late, an overactive bladder is adding to my overactive mind! Oh, the blessing of age (all of 67!).

I take a quarter, usually, of a 10mg zolpidem tablet, in the middle of the night when I wake but can’t get back off. I’ve tried zopiclone but it makes my mouth taste awful the next day for some reason. I haven’t been taking the tablets for a while as, like you, I wondered if they were causing me issues, but no, they seem safe. Sadly, they never give me more than three hours sleep, though.


Delnoleen in reply to Ppiman

I,m well retired too. I do walk as I live by a nice park in Hornchurch gtr London. Never know what I will suffer during the day and if I get a good nights sleep.

I have had bad morning ectopics that sometimes feel like a hand squeezing my heart.

I thought this may be the Flecainide or the poor sleep so got me some magnesium.

Been on magnesium for 3 nights and sleep has vastly improved but ectopics remain.

My wife has also improved her sleep with magnesium.

I thought I might try ordinary magnesium rather than all the different ones named on here as it seems that it is important for lots of things, sleep, energy, nervous system. muscle and bone etc etc. I will wait another two weeks to see how I get on with the ectopic beats and then will start to take magnesium they sell in the supermarket.

You must be very cautious with vitamin supplements, there are a lot of fakes out there, especially on Amazon, in fact Amazon themselves declare that they cannot guarantee products they sell are not fakes....buyer beware.

Mine are from the Douglas laboratories they are not fake and the rest I get from the health food shops. Except for the magnesium which I am going to purchase from the supermarket.

Very sensible, I bought a years supply of Taurate from Vytox on Amazon and there was something not quite right about them, they were much cheaper, the packaging was tatty, the pills wouldn't dissolve easily in water, a good sign of them being fake.

I researched the company and eventually tracked them down to being a Financial claims company that was dormant, and using Google maps I couldn't find any sign of an office or factory, but they are still selling their many products on many sites apart from Amazon.

If they were fake tabs, what was I taking.....chalk possibly?

I got the Tesco Magnesium 375 as it is cheap but it sure helps with sleep.

That is interesting to know as there is a lot of advice to use the Magnesium Taurate and that is nearly 20 euros for 90 tablets.

That's about £7 per month. Not too bad if you take one a day.

The Tesco one is 30 tablets for£2.50.

£7 along with all the other supplements I need adds up. The cost is 8 euros for 90 in the supermarket. So no need to purchase such expensive tablets. They went up from 13 euros to 19 euros. Well 19.99. I shall not be purchasing them again. I do not need to.

Are any of these familiar?



decreased breathing rate

decreased reflexes


low blood pressure



I have had most of those except confusion unless you count the odd senior moment and not really had dizziness and have high blood pressure. At times slight nausea but I think because I am hungry as I am on a diet. My reflexes are fine. I try them out every now and again in the car especially so that I am aware. Had breathing problems with the anticoagulant but got that changed. I do feel week at times but I work on that by using my muscles,

In that case:

The last time I had a SVT attack and was in A and E the doctor gave me magnesium amongst other things to try to get my heartbeat down from 188

That is interesting. Perhaps my ectopic beats were made worse by the fact that I am taking Bisoproflol as well. I had a few minor beats last night but nothing like they were. I had none during the day at all. They seem to be a lot better then when I was taking the magnesium and I went four days without having one ectopic beat.

Some days I get a lot of ectopics and other days I get a few, had these for 45 years and had to learn to live with them,worked,brought up 3 successful children and despite my problems quite active. I,ve spent my life trying to eliminate food, caffeine, anything that I think might help me. Never smoked or alcohol, maybe the odd drink here and there,tried to lead a healthy life but have a sweet tooth which I control by not buying cakes or sweets then they aren,t a temptation. I,m 73 !

I have not got a sweet tooth thankfully and I eat a mediterranean diet. I do drink coffee but decaffeinated. I didn't start having ectopics until I had a stent fitted last year. I am wondering it is some of the medication I take, however strangely enough they are a lot better then when I was taking the magnesium

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