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2nd Ablation


Had my second ablation at the University Hospital Cardiff in March and all is still really good. I had 25 years of suffering awfully trying this drug combination and that and getting more and more depressed and anxious about the dreaded AF episodes. The site gave me so much comfort during dark days and I wanted to offer some encouragement to anybody who is suffering now. The first ablation was using heat and the second was a freezing technique and by all accounts the combination can prove beneficial. Anyway my heart rate is now consistently hovering around 60 bpm and I am having the time of my life ! I don’t have to see my EP for 18 months for another check up. The whole journey was tiring and frustrating but fingers crossed after many years it looks like perseverance has paid dividends. Another reason I came back on was I always remember comments around people who have had successful ablations no longer use the site. Anyway I wish you all Good Luck 🍀 and have a great weekend Cheers Rich

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Delighted that things have finally worked out for you. So good to hear a happy story. Enjoy yourself and keep well

Good to hear Richard. How long would you say your recovery took? I’m having ablations for AFib and Flutter in 3 weeks. I’ve previously had 2 ablations for SVTs which and my EP said recovery from this one will be longer and slower.

Hi Lovely I was fine after 2 weeks hope that helps x

Hi Richard, I'm in your neck of the woods - will probably one day land up in the UHW due to Afib. Did you get the name of the person who performed your procedure? Glad to hear that it went well.

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Hello Buddy my EP was Dr Leong and specialist nurse was Rachel James who were fantastic ! Good luck 🍀

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Thank you.

Richard——So refreshing to read about your success!! Thank you for coming back for us newbies! So Valuable!!!! So appreciated!

That’s so good to hear Richard, best of luck for the future

Thank you Rich for taking The time to come back and tell us your story.I am on the list for ablation,never had one,and it's good to hear it has helped you so much.

So pleased for you.Best wishes x

You will be fine it’s a bit uncomfortable but hopefully it will be worth it 🍀


Thank you so much for that positive comment.

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Hey Bob u were a tonic for me ! Unless somebody goes through this they will never understand. I used to send my wife out with our friends and stay in because I felt so awful but it has changed after the second ablation. I have just come back from Bath after celebrating my daughter graduating, we had the best time ! X 🍀

Thanks for the positivity mister

Richard, are you no longer taking medications? I am scheduled for a second one in Sept. , complications on my first ablation in Jan. And they were unable to finish the procedure.

Hi I just take 2.5 mg of Bisoprolol each day now good luck in September 🍀

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