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2nd Ablation done and dusted


Hi Folks, I had my second ablation on Friday 16th Jan at Leeds General Infirmary, ward 14. All went well, even if I did go into AF about half way through the RF proceedure. On the penultimate burn the AF stopped, it was like a light switch had been turned off. My EP said this proves ablation works for AF, I for one, am not arguing. I thanked the staff on Saturday morning before being kicked out and I would like to thank them here too. They were fantastic and looked after me with kindness, humour and better food than the first time.

I know this AF business gets to people. It turned my world inside out until a certain amount of acceptance and understanding brought me back down to earth and I learned to live with it. So to those of you who are new to this topsy-turvy world, please, never loose hope and with help and support from this site and your medical team there are answers to the dilemma of AF.

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Well done and long may your NSR remain. Lovely post. Now take it easy for a while till you heal.


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Thanks Bob, I am taking advantage, with endless cups of tea and cake. The EP said a week off the bike but I think a month before training up for my Classic Cols of the Alps in July!


Hi, You are the first person who I know to be treated at Leeds Infirmary,

I too had excellent care there when I had my 1st ablation on the 29th

October and am now awaiting my 2nd, but I know thats how it goes and

Im certainly much better than I was before my ablation. Im under the

care of Lee Graham and Im more than satisfied with the care I have received

so far. Glad everything is going well so far long may it continue. Was the

waiting time 12 weeks as before?. Shirley.

Pleased it was successful. My ablation was on Thursday but may have to be done again as my AF didn't stop and had to have 2 cardioversions and Flexanide to get me back into sinus rhythm. Feeling pretty tired and washed out. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Good to hear all went well. All the best pkc!

Nice to hear positive stories, thanks for sharing

Dr pepper did my ablation at Leeds he was brilliant , good luck I hope it works for you

Great news

Hey fantastic news pck05 !

I had my second ablation @Manchester Heart Center last Wednesday,my EP and the team were fab.I went out of NSR during the procedure & "popped" back in with cardioverson at the end,the heart had reconnected 3 pathways!

Stayed in over night and a trying night(always tricky getting a restful nights sleep in hospital).

EP decided to take me off warfarin and move me to "Apixaban" 5mg morning & night.

I have to say that the "hospital discharge suit" idea ,where you are out of your bed and wait for any change in medications etc.,made the whole process far better than my last time(where i was over 5 hours in the tv room,waiting to be discharged).You can have a brew,ask questions of the staff top marks!

Hi all

Thanks for the replies and support. To Shirley, my wait time was about 15 weeks. I'm feeling much more like myself today and I've been catching up on all the telly I saved over the last few months.

The background to my AF. It started in 2009 (age50) after bout of sickness and diarrhoea which left me in AF for 60hrs. After that they diagnosed PAF which as we all know turns more frequent. So, went on Flexanide all the time but that didn't work until my EP added bisopropolol which did the trick but left me feeling out of sorts. I opted for the Ablation back in October 2011. That worked fine for two and a half years. Then back in April 2014 it started again so back on the pill in the pocket for the attacks and back to the EP to request my second burn. I waited untill after my cycling trip to the Picos mountains in Spain before going on the waiting list and here I am gearing up for the Alps in July.

All the best to everyone Paul

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Good to hear Paul. I'm waiting on my appointment from LGI. I saw Dr Stephen Page early November, but I'm yet to get an appointment for the ablation. I'm glad your experience was a good one, gives me hope.


Very inspiring , I've too just been diagnosed with paf September last year was the first time ,then was ok till December about 4 times in one week many trips to a&e later ,cardiologist stuck me on bisoprolol 5 mg which zombies me out for the hole two weeks of Christmas ,decided to drop the dose to 2.5 mg with my doctors approval ,been ok again for 5 weeks then sat back to a&e again after the pill in the pocket 200mg flecanide did nothing ,went back to normal Sunday afternoon just before they were going to give me a cardio version thank The Lord ,I love to go running and have done for 15 years now so to read your story makes me think maybe I won't have to hang my asics up for good just yet I'm 46 and this is really taken over my life big style , the worry ,anxiety ,sleepless nights just thinking of when it will happen again , hope you get well soon buddy cheers Paul

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