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2nd ablation next week

Here we go again. Going for a check of my last procedure and mapping to try and pinpoint the rogue signal more accurately. Although Sod's law I've been feeling a lot better the last few weeks. But if my ep can just zap the part that is causing the problem I think it will be well worth it . It's been 13 months since my first ablation. Now I just get the odd feeling of being unwell after a bad run of ectopics, cold fingers and heavy legged.

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Good luck, chin up and keep us all updated

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Hello just had my 2nd ablation done on thursday for a dif area this time , was told it might be hard to pinpoint and sounded like they thought it would be unsucessful , nurses said it was bit then doctor came back and said they managed to do 2 burns to treat it . So hopefuly u will be all sorted , i felt like oh shall i go ahead then , but glad idid now as they did find it , and i realy hope all goes well for u to , let them go in and have ago idid and iam glad i did . Doctor said afterwards u made right decison . Good luck hope they can zap it x


Go for it as I am sure it will be worth it. Mine took three goes but well worth persevering.



Yes,that sounds about right-

If they are mapping (CT scan) as they did with my SMART Trial Ablation there is a better chance of success -go for it-better sooner rather than later....


Good luck, you'll get there.



Yes definitely go for it otherwise you may regret it in years to come.



I am interested in who is doing your ablation and which hospital if you don't mind as I am going for a second ablation and don't know if I will use the same consultant.




Back home now ,taking it easy because it knocks the old heart to bits ! My ep done a lot of testing etc when he was in there and said he had found the area that was causing the rogue signals, he said it was about 25% of what he had done the first time. Just a rejoining of a link . I was very uncomfortable throughout the procedure as my heart was up to 180 bpm ( usually 58) several times and I had quiet a bit of aching in my jaw and the side of my head, which he said concerned him so he gave me an angiogram to check all the blood vessels etc, which I was glad of as I now know that everything is ok . Feel the usual weakness and tiredness but other than that I am glad I went for it.its a small price to pay if it cures me .

My EP is Dr S.Murray freeman hospital. Very good professional and a very nice man ,

Thanks to him again.


Sounds like all's gone well. Excellent. Take care now.


Great to hear it was a success.


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