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2nd ablation


I was scheduled for a 2nd ablation at the end of April, got a call today to go in for it tomorrow!! Since I've been off all the meds for over a year and had asked them to move me up if they had a cancellation, they did! Never expected to have less than 24 hours notice though. But happy to get in there and get it over with. The first ablation, 18 months ago, went fairly well. But I was still having symptoms, so the doc put in a medtronic linq recorder last summer. Have had a few short episodes since then and he feels another ablation should do it. Wish me luck!

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How great it was on you so fast. I saw my EP on a Friday and got a call on Saturday that they already had approval for Monday morning. I loved not having to think of it for weeks

Congrats and good luck. You'll be great!

Wow!! That’s crazy fast too!!


Just had my first last Tuesday. So far so good. Was your first cryo or RF? Just curious, and what about this one. I actually had to wait 13 days for mine. Good luck with everything tomorrow and let us know how it goes.

Best wishes, Shaun

Glad yours was pretty quick! Both mine have been RF. Yours?

Mine was cryoablation. But they also did RF flutter ablation at same time. Glad to hear everything went according to plan and hospital stay was better this time. Get your rest and let us know how things go.

Best wishes, Shaun

For my last ablation (3rd) I was telephoned on the Friday to go in on the following Wednesday, but yours is an even shorter notice! Will be thinking of you and waiting to hear how it all went.

Good luck.


Great they got you in so quickly too!

Very best wishes for a successful outcome. Knowing what an ablation involves must make it far less scary.

Yes, that is quite short notice. Brilliant! Hope it all goes well for you, and you have a better room this time!

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Lucked out, private room, loveley staff.

good for you, get it done out the way, waiting for my 2nd Ablation wish they would ring me and call me in tomorrow be there like a shot, good luck

Hope you get in quickly and 2nd one does the trick!

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Hope you get in there quickly and you get off your amiodarone. One EP suggested that I come off the amiodarone prior to the ablation so "one could see better."

Good luck! Take care

Thanks all for your very kind support. All went well, though I haven’t seen the doc since procedure ended. Should be seeing him soon. (Its 5 am here in eastern US now) Thought I was getting out early this morning, but have to wait for an echocardiogram. Hospital experience has been just the opposite of my first ablation. Quiet, private room. Kind and considerate staff all through the process. Hope you UK folks are doing ok with the snow you’ve been getting! Crazy!❄️😳

Great to hear, how are you feeling?

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Pretty wiped out. But I’m home! Finally talked to the dr, he said he touched up the previous afib ablation and zapped some atrial flutter as well. (My words not his!)

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