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Finally get to see my gp tomorrow for my decision to take statin or not.

Have seen rheumatologist and toxicologist and between them scared me into believing I should start statins. I take methotrexate for past 18 years 20 mg and plauqnil and rivaroxaban (since first & only isolated afib & tia Feb 2017). my nutritionist says don't stress your liver which to me says don't take statins. I take co codamol every night, already have BPPV so already dizzy fairly regularly. my RA gives me bone and muscle ache (for past 38 years) it's a huge decision and I can't reduce my quality of life further. been reading reviews from statin users and they say opposite from doc, in that the painful side effects of statins do not just disappear when you stop taking them as the doc would have me believe. would coq10 help whether I take statins or not? any opinions of users of above meds would be really helpful. it's stressing me not being able to make this decision. so many side effects which I already get doesn't seem to be going in the right direction. help please

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My husband took statins for just a few months after a heart attack, just over 10 years ago. His legs and hips became so painful that he refused to take them anymore. I was really worried that he would have another, potentially more serious heart attack.

Someone suggested that I should read “The Great Cholesterol Con” by Dr Malcolm Kendrick. It put my mind at rest, he didn’t take the statins, and hasn’t had another heart attack either.

caos52 in reply to Vanna-C

many thanks. this is just the response I needed to hear before the morning. thank you

Nan1 in reply to caos52

I have to make the same decision as my cholesterol is now 7. I really don’t want to be on them and have a month to change my diet and lose bit of weight. I sympathise with you. The book will be good to read.

caos52 in reply to Nan1

I haven't been asked to try and change diet. maybe this should be a first step. thank you for your responset

ajaxaf in reply to Nan1

What do u mean by "I have a month to change my diet". No medication is compulsory and it is entirely your decision to take anything or otherwise. What are the results of your lipid tests - HDL, LDL and Triglycerides? There are many medical writers who look at the relationship between these level rather than the total value. The QRISK2 assessment for 10 yr heart attack risk only requires the HDL/Total ratio and does not even mention the actual total value.

Nan1 in reply to ajaxaf

Hello Ajax’s, thank you for replying. I understand it’s my decision and it’s one I won’t make lightly. I haven’t seen my doctor for the results so don’t have the breakdown figures. I have given myself a month to eat a little healthier and lose some weight and will go for another test after that.

seasider18 in reply to Vanna-C

When I was first advised to take atorvastatin (Lipitor) in 2011 when my aortic stenosis was diagnosed I was concerned by all I had read about them. It all came true and I soon stopped it due to muscle pains but started it again a month prior to my surgery and back came the muscle pains and I have not gone back to them again.

When I initially voiced my concerns to my GP he said that he took them and produced a packet from his drawer. He had not had any problems with them and he was a runner and was taking them due to his family history. At various time we have spoken of changes to the directives he has had on prescribing. Recently my wife had a series of blood tests that showed her cholesterol had risen for the third year. He asked if she wanted to take a statin and said doctors are now being advised to tell the patient of the benefits and side effects and let them make their own decision.

I asked if he was still taking them and he said that he had stopped. Our time was running out and he was looking at his watch so I did not ask him for his reasons but will get back to it another time. My wife though 'Case Proven"

Lal531 in reply to Vanna-C

Rosuvastatin has worked for me for the past 4 years. After 2 torturous years on simvastatin and atorvastatin

This is a tricky question. Your damned if you do or if you don't. I've been on statins since 2011 after a blocked coronary. I've honestly felt no side effects from them and now have a "perfect" cholesterol level. Nevertheless, on reading about all the supposedly negative side effects of statins, I decided to take a Coq10 supplement just in case. I have not felt/seen any difference after taking it for 2 years now. Should I continue or drop them - that is the question. In fact the main question is should I be on statins at all. It's impossible to get a coherent answer from your average cardiologist. They follow protocols to protect themselves and statins are a standard protocol. My cardiologist won't hear of me stopping them in spite of me pushing back at their efficacy. If I stop by myself, my cholesterol level will go back to 6.5 and he will see after the first blood test. What about our relationship at that point. Will I need to change cardiologist. I don't fancy starting again with e new guy so I continue with the statins and the Coq10..... There is a very interesting book called "The obesity Saga" which amongst other things debunks the whole fat/cholesterol theory, stating that the link between fat intake, heart disease and obesity has never been scientifically proven. Apparently the culprits are sugar and highly refined carbohydrates, but that's another story. Good luck with your decision.

caos52 in reply to chesson

many thanks. will def get that book. information is key. will suggest Coq10 to gp and see what he says. many thanks for your help.

Doctors are not trained to understand the use of supplements. Providing he doesn't say they are not suitable for you, you could try a minimal dose and increase slowly, to see if they help you. It normally takes three months to get the full effect of taking a supplement.

If you are concerned about taking Co Q10 with your medications, your pharmacist should be able to advise you.

You could also try a good multi-vitamin-and-mineral tablet, as bought from a health food shop, for three months, if you have not taken vitamins recently. This may improve your health as medications tend to reduce our supplies.

Hi, I'm having the same quandary. My cardiologist is insisting on statins, even though I had terrible muscle pain and high blood sugar (it raised my blood sugar. I don't have diabetes) So I quit the cardiologist. But in my last meeting with my primary care physician, she was trying to pressure me to take it! And my numbers aren't even that high. Now, if they do get really high, I suppose I will have to revisit this issue. I'm 52 yo female.

God bless and good luck.

Lash65 in reply to Lash65

Btw, I'm trying coq10 and fish oil as well. Not sure if it's making a difference yet.

caos52 in reply to Lash65

thanks. don't know your exact health issues but I've been told by nutritionist to avoid fish oils.

Lash65 in reply to caos52

Oh okay. Did they say why? I've heard they may contain mercury - if so, that's not good.

Like another commenter said, this cholesterol thing - it's like we're between a rock and a hard place. Damned if we do (the statins), damned if we don't!

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