Anti inflammatory action of statins

Hi I saw my stroke consultant yesterday and told him I'm struggling with atorvastatin. I'm supposed to take 40mg but became depressed to the point of thinking about suicide so dropped them back to 10mg. He says he's not worried about my cholesterol but that I need the other, anti inflammatory action of the statin. I asked him if coq10 might work but he says there's no hard evidence. Do any of you know of any supplements which act as anti inflammatories? I've looked up diets on the internet but there's a lot of conflicting advice.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Statins have a well proven benefit that no other drug can match. Have you worked your way through all of them?

  • Some people just cannot tolerate statins and can really suffer with depression, cognitive confusion and muscle weakness. Why does your doctor insist that you 'need' anti inflammatories? Personally I'm quite wary of statins, having seen the negative side effects first hand - though i guess some people might benefit

  • I couldn't tolerate Simvastatin, but I'm OK on Atorvastatin. Have other statins been suggested?

    Here's a link to foods that act as anti-inflammatories apparently. I know nothing about it, just Googled...

  • These all help. Why not start to incorporate some of them into your way of life? As we all have health problems I recommend starting with just one tablet a day of any supplement, and then increasing gradually to the recommended amount if you are happy with it and want to.

    Also check the research. Is the recommended amount just an attempt to sell you more, or is that the level at which effective decrease in inflammation was seen?

  • Visit an experienced Naturopath asap and get the Alternative viewpoint on statins and how to reduce Inflammation. You can then make an informed decision. I only take pills when its an emergency, everything else I look for a long term solution not Big Pharma's magic bullets.

    In dealing successfully with AF, I have seen 2 cardios, 1 EP and 2 Alternative Practitioners, all privately; expensive yes but easily recouped with low anxiety, good quality of life and a full working day. Good luck.

  • Thanks for all your replies! I knew I could rely on this forum. I've tried simvastatin and atorvastatin now on rosuvastatin. So not all of them yet. As I've already had cardiac arrest, stroke and tia I'm wary of going too far away from doctors orders.

  • I think you are right to heed your cardiologist, as my consultant said to me in 1986 when I had breast cancer "you've really got to trust someone Anne, put your trust in me, stop trying to work it all out yourself. If we knew the causes we would have a cure" I trusted him and I'm still here thank God. (only to have another issue of AF -but that is genetic and I know there is some great research and trials going on at Manchester University hospitals) so , find yourself a good cardiologist and put your trust in him or her. take care and try to get some peace and relaxation.

    love Annlynne

  • I can't take them either now on rosuvastatin 10 mgs and I'm fine, ask to try others

  • Statins now are showing that they coukd cause more harm than good

    But you need to research And look at different views

    The problem is inflammtion therefore better for you to look at anyiflammtory foods

    I hope you feel better and not low 😀remmber sometimes we humans have to go through these things only to research abd find heathier ways of looking after our bodies

    We are what we eat 🌺🌺🌺

  • I can't tolerate statins very well. I've tried most of them but the only one I can tolerate is Pitavastatin (brand name is Livalo) at 2mg only 3days a week. Controls my cholesterol. As far as anti-inflammatory natural alternatives, Tumeric is supposed to be really good but be wary as it can lower bp. Check with your GP before taking anything.

  • Was on a statin for awhile didn't like how I felt nor the side effects. Started taking fish oil tablets,drinking pomegranate juice once a day and watching my diet. I know what the prescribed drugs can do but it is the downside of these drugs that have me wary. Natural is the way to go if you can

  • Id like to 'go natural ' too - i do everything I can such as eating cooked beetroot, taking garlic capsules , cutting out all added sugar but still quite frightened of having a second stroke! Therefore I'm still taking a statin which actually makes me feel worse!

  • I have arthritis in one hip and both big toe joints but even when suffering I won't take ibuprofen, diclofenac and the like.

    I searched for supplements to help and came across 'celery seed' capsules. Both my big toe joints were swollen at the time(looking like bunions but not / not gout either) I ordered some and took 2 capsules as soon as they arrived. I felt almost immediate relief and both joints had gone down to normal by the following morning.

    Now I take 2 every other day and 2 cherry capsules on the alternate days.

    Look them up on Amazon and read the reviews.

    I've never been prescribed statins.


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