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Statins anti inflammatory effect on arthritis?


My docs say no, I say “ what say you?”. I reluctantly agreed to take Lipitor 80 mg daily( Atorvastatin) as my cholesterol continues to rise in spite of my exercise, healthier eating and 45 lb wt loss😢. I was skeptical as all I’ve heard were negatives re side effects. After 3 mo, no side effects yet BUT my arthritic painful knee that has bothered me for 10+ yr is now painfree on most days. The pain went away suddenly after about 3 weeks on lipitor. All my docs say no connection. After googling Lipitor and reading about anti inflammatory effects of statins, I think I disagree. Anyone else here have any similar experience with statin drugs? It feels so great to be able to walk a mile or two pain free now💜

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That's interesting to hear Hoski. How lovely it must be to be without your knee pain.

It would be great to have a good side effect from a drug for a change. Will watch your answers with interest.



Interesting that. I stopped them about a year ago due to muscle paian in my legs. My knees didnt get any worse. Shows how we are all different.

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Im hoping once I get my bmi down from now 30 to 25 and I’m as healthy as I can be... to work my way off of as many drugs as possible

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I reduced my atorvastatin dosage to 5mg a day because of calf pain and surprisingly my cholesterol still dropped. No more leg pain but still a bit concerned with the effect it can have with diabetes 2 .

As with the latest information with perindopril ( ACE inhibitors ) theres a lot still to be researched with some of these high usage prescriptions.

I would have thought that as you have lost 45lb, that that would take a lot of pressure off the knee and could account for the improvement. Certainly, weight loss is recommended for arthritis of the knee. It’s obviously good news for you whatever the explanation is!

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That’s what my docs say too, and I agree. It was just a sudden absence of pain, like one day I realized my knee doesn’t hurt. What ever the reason, I’m totally thankful for it and hope it lasts. Walking is one of my joys, haven’t been able to do it much. Hoping the a fib follows suit. It has been in hiding for about 6 mo now

Well it seems logical because statins work in coronary artery disease because of their anti-inflammatory effect, nothing to do with cholesterol according to my cardiologist.


I bet your 45lbs weight loss is responsible. Well done !

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