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Vitamin therapy


Can anyone tell me why natural methods won’t work for stroke prevention when you have a-Fib? By natural, I mean instead of taking blood thinners like Elliquis, Pradaxa, Xralto, Warafin,

You could INSTEAD take things like fish or krill oil, vitamin E, Tumeric, ginger, wormword, etc.

Why wouldn’t these more natural things work ?

I just wonder about it. I am not suggesting anyone doing that at all and taking those things with blood thinners could put you at a great risk for bleeding I believe. Just curious as if that could work instead of blood thinners.

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Nothing in the way of herbal treatment can give you any form of repeatability and ensure the correct level of antiocagulation needed for stroke prevention at all times if you are judged to need it. Dr Sanjay Gupta did one of his videos on this subject a while back which you may be able to find in search facility.

Any by the way . What is natural.? Warfarin comes from natural sources.

Anticoagulants target specific properties of the blood, while other "blood thinners" like aspirin and most herbal stuff, targets platelets, which the former is important for atrial fibrillation and not the latter. There are a lot of "natural" website that have no credible sources nor reliable double blind studies done on them but they sound reasonable and easy.....beware.

Also - if any preparation is able to help with stroke prevention, then it is bound to have anti platelet or anti coagulation abilities, so - how can it possibly be ‘better’ than medically tried, tested and approved anti coagulants and anti platelets where the doses are regulated?

Aprilbday in reply to Finvola

I was wondering that too Finvola

What about nattokinase?

My doc described the blood being made into scrambled eggs by the heart’s abnormal beat. The thinner blood, even thinner than baby aspirin, would not scramble. The scrambled egg viscosity was VERY susceptible to clotting.

Aprilbday in reply to exbcmc

Wow! You understand how I learn. This is a wonderful way for me to understand why these powerful medications are important. Thank you

exbcmc in reply to Aprilbday

I liked his explanation, too. A good visual😳

Try Vinpocetine

Polski in reply to ncernaa

I can't see anything on the internet which would suggest that this would have 'blood thinning' effects . . .

Hello Aprilbday,

This is a copy of a reply I made to Koll a while back. I'm a go natural kind of guy.

Originial reply

I too did not like taking my Warfarin and those pesky INR visits. I did some research and weaned myself off of them and have been off of "approved" anti-coagulants since early 2015. What I use:

Natokinase - 2,000 FU per serving once per day. Occasionally I take 1 at night too if my AFIB kicks in more.

Sluggish blood flow also increases the risk of clot formation. But the nattokinase benefits in natto reinforces the actions of plasmin, your body's own enzyme that breaks down the clotting agent called fibrin, thereby preventing abnormal thickening of the blood. Read about it here:

Aspirin warnings with Nattokinase and comments including excerpts from medcal studies.

Vitamin E - 400IU qty 2

Vitamin D3 5,000IU every other day.

Occasionally I also take (about 2 times a week) Krill oil 1500mg

i've felt pretty darn close to normal taking these items and if I take too much EG: 2 Nattokinase/day on a regular basis, then any cut I get takes noticeably longer to clot.

NOTE: I just saw my cardiologist In November 2017. When I first was diagnosed with AFIB in fall of 2014, he wanted me to have either an ablation or cardioversion. I am sorta kinda an all natural kind of guy so have been working toward an all natural solutions. They take TIME to kick in and until you see the beneficial results. I rarely get shortness of breath and my heart rate went from peaks of 150-165 normal 90-105/ sleep 85 to now sleep 62-78, normal out and about 72-86, elevated with exertion 120. BP was often 150/95-100 Now 130/75 as measured at cardiologist office.

Cardiologist now says that the way I'm going, that he no longer thinks I need any procedures. He said that it looks like diet and exercise will do it for me. My method may not be for everyone, but I sure feel good and enjoy my life again.

I've also started taking regular walks and doing stuff in the garage (and FEEL like doing it)

Everyone wants instant relief. It took time to get into the "condition" we are in, it takes some time to get out of it and "re-condition" / repair oneself.


Aprilbday in reply to solarjdo69

I am so proud of you!!! I am sure that this was the right thing for you. Thank you for posting your experience. It’s good to know . You are getting the same experience-results or better than those of us on the chemical pharmaceuticals. Way to go!!!

I do take baby aspirin 81mg, along with ginger, turmeric, and fish oil daily. I’ve had afib for 2 years with 3

Occurances yet. All

Which were converted back to nsr simply sitting up and breathing deeply slowly.

For every time I had an af, it was around 6-7 am getting out of bed, sleeping on my left side feeling my arm about 50% numb. I truly feel that I’m causing my afib attack’s by sleeping on my left arm. I’ve read about the vagus nerve, and relates to triggering an af. Anyways just like to share as much possible. As I have never had afib while being awake.

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