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Multiple Ablations


I'm new here!

I have had 3 ablations over the last 4 years; 1st for AF in my left atrial and 2nd/3rd for atrial tachycardia in my right atrial. I am now left with extensive scarring in my right atrial. Recently I've been having weekly tachycardia episodes along with bradycardia sometimes due to the meds.

I was due to have a further ablation last week which would have likely meant the need to implant a pacemaker but it was cancelled at the last minute as another cardiologist felt that there was no point in performing a further ablation as it was unlikely to work.

I'm now due to have an ICD implanted next week as they think that I'm at risk of having ventricular arrhythmias in the future. They want to manage the tachycardia with meds and the bradycardia with the pacemaker in the ICD.

I'm really worried about having an ICD implanted and all that it entails. If anyone else has had an ICD fitted with atrial tachycardia please can you let me know if it kicks in with atrial tachycardia?

Any feedback/experience would be gratefully received.


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Hi and welcome - I haven’t the experience or knowledge to comment but hope someone with that experience will chip in soon. I know there are a few posters who have had ICD implanted.


Hi, I have an ICD defib pacemaker. It was fitted because of a rapid heartbeat in the lower chamber. It depends how many 'leads' the surgeon implants in the heart. I only have two, which means the pacemaker will only kick in if I get another rapid beat. It does not affect the AF at all. There is a third lead, but I'm not sure how this would react in an AF episode. Your surgeon should explain everything to you before the day of the procedure.


Hi, thanks for replying - I think I just read your post and sent you a reply! They want to up my meds and hope that this will sort out the Tachycardia - did you end up having an ablation? Thank you😀


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