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Well those who know me know I had PAF this resolved post cox maze procedure at same time as removal of benign tumour from my atria, septum and aortic arch. That was last December I had joined cardiac rehab programme 3 times but it was stopped due to my heart rate dropping with the exertion. I also have runs of bradycardia, tachycardia, bigeminy and VE's. I saw my consultant last week and now going for pacemaker in two weeks. This will address the bradycardia and I will have meds for the rest. There are no quick fixes for our heart problems but support through it is vital. Chins up people we all woke this morning bonus surely

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  • Every day is a triumph.

  • Thanks for the update and sounds like good news all round. As you say we all woke up today and one never really appreciates that until you have faced the possibility of not doing!


  • indeed Bob

  • Absolutely! Waking up is a great bonus :)

  • Hope all goes well- let us know how you get on please

  • Ta all x

  • Good to hear from you Frills. Started this at 8.30 this morning and only just got back to it, sorry for delay. My Husband had a pacemaker in Jan after he sought help after a few bouts of AF. ECG showed Brady/tachycardia. He has had no incidences of AF or bradycardia since and is now back fully fit, playing golf on a championship course, even though he also turned 80 in Jan.

    It has helped him enormously. Hope all goes well for you also.

  • Pleased to hear that but mine has been complex from start. Sure it will help enormously lovely to have the support on here

  • had a pacemaker last monday so hoping i 4-6 weeks to try exercise again

  • Wow let me know how you get on great stuff!

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