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2 Ablations, 1 Cardioversion - what next?

I had my first ablation in December 2013 and my second in September 2014. A couple of weeks after the second ablation I went into atrial flutter and had a cardioversion. Since then my medication has been increased and I am now on 200mg amiodarone and 10mg bisoprolol - more than I have been on before. I am still having episodes of AF up to 3 times a day.

Yesterday I had my 3 month check up and was told that they will do a 3rd ablation but that is likely to be my last as there isn't much point in doing any more. They are arranging for a 5 day heart monitor just to check that it is AF I am experiencing and not another type of tachycardia.

They say that I am too young (46) for a pacemaker as it would likely mean 4 battery changes and 4 lead changes in the future (based on woman living until their 80s).

"If this ablation doesn't work then I will just have to live with AF" - but I have previously been told that I cannot stay on amiodarone for the rest of my life as it is such a nasty drug and long term use can produce many awful side effect.

Feeling down and unhopeful.................................

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I had three ablations and have been fine for the last six plus years so don;t get ahead of yourself. Amiodaraone isn't nice and I am surprised you are still on it as it is supposed to be a drug of last resort according to European Society of Cardiology guidelines, If it concerns you why not discuss it with your doctors.



Hi Bob

Nice to hear that a 3rd helped you, fingers crossed I will be the same.

I have been on amiodarone for a year now and with a 9 month waiting list for the ablation - chances are that I will be on it for another year.

I was so stunned by the attitude yesterday that I forgot to ask about the long term medication and my GP won't discuss the medication the hospital has prescribed as they do not want to "interfere" with the hospital's plans.

I think I will email my arrhythmia nurse at the hospital and see what she says, although as you say I am getting ahead of myself.



Sounds a good plan My ANS was brilliant and helped me manage my condition for three years or more. Fell in love with her of course! lol. Mind you we did a lot together as she got me involved with the ANS project committee at BHF and through that AF_A.


It might be an idea to see your GP or your EP as soon as your 5 day monitor results are available - and request when you have it fitted to have a copy for yourself - and ask to be referred for a second opinion. You have a window of opportunity with a third ablation and it needs to be right. Would a different type of ablation - one that perhaps is not available where you have been treated - be more successful?

You might like to consider looking privately for a second EP opinion.

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Sounds like good advice!

Many thanks


Sorry to hear you are struggling Sharon. Being young you have lots of time ahead of you to be able to take advantage of improved treatments as they come along and I am sure there will be new and improved options on the way, even a cure if we are lucky. In the meantime hassle your consultant, please don't be afraid to ask questions and challenge it your health.


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Hi Dee

Fingers crossed for that cure!

I will be hassling them for the ablation as the waiting list is 9 months so am hoping for a cancellation.


Really sorry to hear things not so good. I had ablation and looks like I will need another. I often think if really desperate I would check out srmgrandma's diet solutions. Although it sounds very strict it seems to be working for her. Just a thiught . best of luck


Thanks Lallym


I agree having a pacemaker at 46 is young age maybe you could get the new wireless kind that is implanted directly in the heart.


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