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Atrial Flutter Ablation


Ok folks! Ive read some challenging stories recently! I'm so glad we all support each other here!

Here's my past and current situation

I'll keep it as brief as I can.

Heart attack

Cardiovascular disease

AF Diagnosis

Tachycardia diagnosis

Bradycardia diagnosis

Sleep apnoea diagnosis

Pacemaker implant

Paroxysmal AF


RF Ablation No 1

RF Ablation No 2

AV Node Ablation

Pacemaker dependent

After the AV Node Ablation last October I was feeling wonderful!

It's crashed again. Last Sunday week at around 2.30am

I woke suddenly unable to breathe. I ripped the Cpap mask off so I could breathe. My heart was racing extremely fast.

I contacted my Cardiologist who said before you come and see me get a download off the Cpap. No problems there with printout.

End result is I'm in Atrial Flutter (damn).

Pulse stuck on 80bpm.

There is no medication that can help me now so it's looking like an Atrial Flutter Ablation is on the cards 😟.

It's been a five year journey with all of this.

Sorry for the rant........😊

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You have every right to rant. It helps, doesn't it?

You have certainly been through the mill. Hopefully this next obstacle can be overcome. Let us know how things progress.

tibetan36 in reply to jennydog

Thanks Jenny

It's good to know folks are listening 😊

Rant away it sounds like you have good reason to.Hope you can then look forward with a positive attitude to your next procedure which may change everything.

tibetan36 in reply to Fastbeat

Thanks Fastbeat

I'm always positive.... just needed to let of some steam 😂

You poor thing, you've been through a lot so I think you are more than entitled to rant! I didn't realise that you could get still get atrial flutter after an AV node ablation. I hope you are soon sorted and feeling well again.


Thanks Jean

I'm sure I'll get sorted soon......thanks for your comment 😊


Gosh you've been through a lot!

Ablation for Atrial flutter has a very high success rate as you probably know and is much easier to perform as normally done in right atrium . I had one in 2013 which helped enormously ( although I now get atrial tachycardia......)

Good luck!


Well yikes, you've been through the ringer. I have had an ablation for flutter in both left and right atria. The right side is a much quicker procedure because the electrical path is well established, as opposed to all over for AF. Good luck to you!

Hi Tibetan 36: Are you still on line? I'm reading all your posts and I need to know how you are. You've traveled the same path my Mum is and I'd love to know how things are for you - today. Yes she has Atrial Flutter too. After everything that you and she have gone through it's still sh*t. She's breathless, doesn't care, now getting depressed. Damn AF, Damn PM. I hope to hear from you soon. The Dr's seem to be just saying that this is as good as it gets and I find that unacceptable. Please reply. Thanks Sharyne

tibetan36 in reply to zetagirl

Hi zetagirl

I’m sorry to hear about your mother.

AF is not a walk in the park that’s for sure.

It’s been five years of hell really.

Now that I’ve had the AV Node Ablation I’m not experiencing the physical symptoms as much anymore.

I still get AF though. At the moment I’m short of breath and see my cardiologist this Friday.

I’m hoping for an explanation at this appt.

I’ll let you know the outcome. 🙏



zetagirl in reply to tibetan36

Hi Barry: So very happy to hear from you and I'm so sorry for your circumstance. Bugger hey! What you go through is just amazing and yet you have to keep a positive attitude when all you want to do is slap someone. I'll be interested to hear from you after Friday appt. My Mum's biggest issue is the SOB - it's just so debilitating. Ever since in July she had the Ablation, then next day the PM, then 6 days later the AV Node done, she's been crap. Last cardio visit they said she's in Atrial Flutter. Then why the **** do you go through 3 surgeries to come out worse.

Anyway, good luck tomorrow and I'll be thinking of you.

Thanks Sharyne

tibetan36 in reply to zetagirl

Hi Sharyne

🙏 I really need to talk to my ancestors to find out what their lifestyle was like so I can ‘slap’ them around and say look what you created by chewing on Wooly Mammoth and dinosaur steaks including the fat! 😂😂. Unfortunately AF increases with age so I have to cop it on the chin unfortunately.

Talk soon.


zetagirl in reply to tibetan36

Hi Barry: Just wondering how you went yesterday with your catch up with the Cardio?

tibetan36 in reply to zetagirl

Hi Sharyne

My Cardiologist adjusted my Pacemaker which has helped a little.

He’s suggested I lose weight like 8 kilos 😬 so I’ll bore into my program.

He’s suggested the 5-2 program.

zetagirl in reply to tibetan36

Hi Barry:

Well that's better than another surgery I guess. You must be relieved. In what way has he adjusted your Pacemaker (and BTW - what's your model?)

You know the weight loss will make everything easier for you of course. I think 5-2 is a great idea but you have to be realistic about sticking with it. I've been walking every morning and it's a lovely way to start the day. 30 mins annd slowly build it up to 45 - then 1 hr. Start with walking 20 mins one way then turn around.

How you feeling about all this? Are you able to do this with the SOB?

Thinking of you Barry....Cheers, Sharyne

Yes I wasn’t expecting any more surgery.

He’s turned on the rate response feature which has helped.

I’ll push on with weight loss so I can rule that out.

I have a St Jude Pacemaker .


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