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Finally got around to posting my story

Finally got around to posting my story

Diagnosed in October 2016 with af and flutter. Meds did not control and allergic to many as well. Ablation February 2017. Unsuccessful. Took dreaded amiodarone after which did bring me into rhythm until I stopped. Many side effects.

After ablation repeated echocardiogram in early March. Severe mitral valve regurgitation and very enlarged atrium.

This week, see structural heart dr' s who said I need mitral valve repair/replacement. Do not wait more than 3 M.

Surgery scheduled November 29. Have to have heart cath prior to surgery to make sure all is well. What scares me the most is discontinue eliquis 2 days prior to cath and 4 days prior to valve repair. I don't know why they waited 8 months for surgery to take place or why we did a T test after the echo. Surgeons referenced echo only when siting needed repair/replace. I was told sedation for T test quiets down the regurgitation but they get measurements during test. I'm rather angry that I've waited this long for what was inevitable. I can't let that consume me and I won't. Must stay positive for surgery and the best outcome.

I am 62 yr old female in great shape, 5'4" 122#. Active lifestyle. Regular gym-er. Married 39 years. I live in Atlanta GA.

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Why did they do an ablation if you had other heart problems that needed addressed?


Good question. I'm not sure what my mitral valve was doing while I was hospitalized in October but guess it was still moderate regurgation. 2 weeks after the ablation it was registering severe regurgitation and severely enlarged atrium. Then we moved on to a T-test and I never heard from the Dr. who ordered it. Seems like it was back to moderate regurgitation.

I really don't know why they waited 8 M post ablation to address the mitral valve. My husband wanted me to tell then to move ahead and forget waiting 3 additional months. I should have.

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Did they tell you what your ejection fraction was with your recent echo test? Mine has been 50%, which is pretty good so far. I pretty much baby myself, force 8 hours of rest, stay very hydrated, take meds exact times, watch sodium to 1500 mg a day, and reduce the number of hours I work. Other triggers I have never really done anyway, smoking etc. I did find out I have sleep apnea, have cpap now too.


I'd have to look back at the test results to see the ejection fraction.

I do the exact opposite of you. I'm not much of a sit a round person and had so much of that after my ablation. Not that the ablation made me feel bad, but the medications did. I also had several rounds of bronchitis which kept me down.

I've wondered if I should reduce my activity, not get my heart rate up as much as I do, not lift as much weight. One PA told me to do less while the cardiac surgeon told me no restrictions. So I carry on. I feel better when I get a good workout. That's me.

That's just how I handle things. It doesn't make one of us right or wrong, we do what we think is right for ourselves. I don't work so that isn't a stresser I'm not sure I have stressers bc af comes on and off all day long.

They are monitoring your mitral valve?


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